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  1. 0 Hi all,

    I am getting ready to start CRNA school this fall and am in conversations with the Air Force regarding their HPSP scholarship program. I have a good idea about the program and am just curious about life as a CRNA in the Air Force. I have met with the recruiter and had some questions answered but want to make sure what I am being told is true. Below are a list of things I have been told and further questions someone may be able to help me with:

    1.) It is a three year commitment following graduation.
    Is the stop-loss program still in place?
    2.) I would go to COT for a month in Alabama and come out as an O2.
    3.) I would have the ability to travel oversees (ie Germany, Italy, England)
    What is the likelihood of getting to work oversees? What is the likelihood of getting
    one of your requested stations?
    4.) Deployment is typically every 1.5-2 years and lasts abut 120 days.
    How true is this? I have been told that you are deployed for 6 months every 18
    5.) The Air Force utilizes a rotation schedule so you know what your assignments will be
    on signing day.
    6.) There is a lot of support for my wife and kids while I am working and on
    7.) Air Force CRNAs do not go to FOBs, but are at larger outside hospitals while
    8.) Air Force CRNAs work 40 hours/week performing anesthesia services
    How true is this? How much time/days per week should I anticipate at work away
    from the family?

    If anyone could just give me some insight to compare what I was told to what it is actually like as an Air Force CRNA, I would greatly appreciate it. I apologize for so many questions. I just want to make sure this is a good move for my family. Thank you for your time.
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    1. No stop loss at present, but your actual contract is for 8 years. 3 years active and 5 years inactive reserves.
    2. You would go to COT as an O-2 at least depending on your contract. You go to COT as a commissioned officer. This is different than the BOT course where they are officer candidates while in training.
    3. As a new grad it is doubtful you would get Italy or England. Both of those hospitals are considered too small to give new grads a good rounded experience starting out. You will make a list of where you want to go and usually you will get within the top 4 of your requests. My best advice for picking duty stations is to find out where the openings are predicted and make your list based on those openings.
    5. Hmm. not sure what you mean. You will not know where you will be assigned until right before graduation.
    6. Not necessarily...most places will do their best and every service has certain programs, but there is always going to be lots of extra work for the spouse while you are deployed.
    7. B.S.....Whoever told you that is wrong. Yes we goto to FOBs. We go wherever the Army does since we have taken several of their deployment slots plus we also do helicopter transports, and spec op assignments.
    8. Normal work week is going to closer to 50 hours a week depending on duty station plus call. Generally, I get to work around 0630 and leave between 1500-1600. Then we have about 6 days of call per month.
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    op, are they saying that they have slots still open? I was told since budget cutting began, the number of open slots was drastically reduced ( by over 100) in the last few months. I was told to ask back in Oct after new budgeting stuff happens...
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    In response to missnurse, they have slots that open up throughout the year. In October, there are more spots that they offer to candidates on the alternative list.(from previous year)
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    I was just saying right now. I was told they cut 100 slots a month or so ago, and right now, the recruiter I called, does not have any critical care slots open at all.
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    The above post was only referring to Air Force CRNA positions. My recruiter told me when I applied they were only accepting 3 applicants per year. But, this can change to meet the needs of the AF, and also as applicants drop out of school, or become ineligible for the scholarship.
    TO the OP: #2 I would clarify; you will attend COT as an O-1 (2nd Lieutenant). After you graduate from CRNA school and pass boards, you will then become an O-3 (Captain), If you have 5 or more years of experience (as an RN), you may come in at a higher rank, but while in the HPSP program, everyone, will be paid as an O-1. If you need more details, PM me and I can send you a copy of the benefits letter.
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    I see. I am looking at AF reserves.
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    I was just accepted to the 3 year nurse practitioner HPSP! Has anyone else applied?
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    Quote from MunkiRN
    I was just accepted to the 3 year nurse practitioner HPSP! Has anyone else applied?
    I am waiting to hear back within the two weeks on whether I was accepted or not. Could you give me some feedback on how the process has been so far? I am also doing psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. The program I am doing is an MSN program so I know that does hurt my chances. Are you going to COT after you graduate or sometime during your program?
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    how is HPSP treating you now that you are actually working??

    I'm finishing by NP program this summer and hoping to make it to the October COT. can you send me any info??

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