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    I got in!!!! Wolford College Fall 2011 BABY!

    Very thankful for all the support/advice from these forums! The interview was a breeze thanks to the tips and anecdotes!

    Now to catch up on sleep!

    29 months until I'm a CRNA! cheers:
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    Congratulations! I'm applying in the spring. What are your stats, if you don't mind sharing?
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    Let me PM it to you!
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    LOVE the dancing baby! lol
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    I am in as well and very excited. Moving in less than a week to the beautiful Naples, FL. If I can survive the move!!
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    That's awesome!!! I'm moving next Monday (a week before orientation). Dreading the move but happy to be moving to such a beautiful area and finally starting the program.
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    What kind of questions did you get asked at your interview ?
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    Yay congrats everyone! I am starting at Wolford Fall 2011 too! I'm moving that Friday before orientation. Where is everyone living?
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    I'm moving in on Monday. I found a condo to rent off of Livingston rd

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