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What do I need to take AACN

  1. 0 Hi all,

    I am graduating this summer from an FNP program and want to take the test ASAP. What paperwork do I need, and what do I need to make sure my school does in order for me to take the exam without any delays, also what did you do to prepare for this exam.

    Thanks A bunch!!
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    You will need your completed official transcript, a completed and signed validation of education form signed by your dean, and the fee.
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    And a tip: join the AANP as a student member as you will actually save more on the test fee than the membership cost.
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    i highly recommend maria leik, do her review and use her book, i guarantee you, you will pass, i did fitzgerald, kellerman, apea but i cant tell you with confidence that maria leik was the best review, i passed both the AANP/ANCC.
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    Thanks guys..... so helpful. I am so nervous about even choosing what exam to take. I think I am taking the ANCC, there is a review near me given by ANCC, so I thought that for sure that would be a good review, since they know exactly how the test is constructed, ect....

    temile, why did you take both, do you recommend that? I also have the audio cd on fitzgerald, barkley and apea. What do you think about one exam versus the other?