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Hello all... ...long time reader, first time poster..... ...seeking info on the Walden FNP program.... So, I have a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Texas at Austin, and I am a Registered Nurse in... Read More

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    Thank you for your help!

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    Hi Mal!
    Got one more question in regards to Walden. How is online classes look like? Do they offer recorded lectures, videos, and etc? Do courses require a lot of writing? Thanks 😊
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    To any Walden FNP students that have started clinicals in Dallas, where are your sites? Please help!!
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    Hi, I am also in that program. Where are your clinical sites? I am trying to set mine up for next year and I live in the Dallas area too.
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    Once you are in the program there are resources that list every office/physician/np/pa that has been a preceptor for Walden. What area of DFW are you in? I've had some FABULOUS preceptors in the McKinney area.
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    Cessna172, I graduated from McNeese too!! December 2011
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    Quote from mal530
    I hardly ever write comments, but since I currently attend Walden I will give some feedback. I too was hesitant about applying to an all online university. However, I knew two very knowledge and good nurses that were attending Walden, so I waited a year to apply to see how they felt about it. Both just graduated this spring and passed boards on the first try. I will graduate in February 2015. I have found the curriculum very informative. The instructors I have had are tough, but are easy to communicate with if they see you are putting forth the effort. The one comment I see often regards practicum. When you apply to Walden, part of the application is about possible practicum sites and preceptors so that students are looking far in advance for sites. They tell you up front that it is adult learning, and students are responsible for finding their own sites. I have had no trouble with sites agreeing with the affiliation agreement with Walden. The nursing department has been wonderful and calls me if they have had any questions regarding my application or just making sure I was completing it. I had one site request a call from Walden before signing the affiliation agreement and Walden called them that day. They have always been quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have had. I have truly enjoyed my education at Walden, but like any school, you have to put the time and effort in to really make it count.
    Today is my official last day as a Walden FNP student. I joined the AANP (discount on exam) and I have submitted my application for the Authorization to Test to the AANP last night. I wish I would have known that you can submit the application to the AANP before you actually graduate! Some of my classmates have already received their authorizations to test. I will be taking the Barkley review course in Orlando at the end of September and will take my AANP exam shortly after.

    I have had a great experience with Walden's FNP program. I actually transferred out from a reputable local brick and mortar because I could not handle the commute to class 2-3 times per week as I lived about an hour away. In some cases I wish I would have stayed at the brick and mortar (reputation wise), but do not regret transferring to Walden and in the end will have the same certification. As with any school, class, or program....you get what you give. Either you study really hard, just a little, or skim on by, so it all depends on the person and what the person wants out of their education. I had a not so good preceptor and an amazing preceptor, so that all really helps as well. Make sure you find a very friendly and knowledgable preceptor.

    Good luck to all future NP's!
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    Are there set start dates for Walden's FNP program (such as spring and fall) or do they offer start dates throughout the year?
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    There are several start dates throughout the year, the next session starts October 15! Good Luck!
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    Hi, I too am in the FNP program at Walden. I live in the Dallas area. Would you be willing to share your preceptor information with me? I have not been able to find any yet.

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