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Hey everyone! This thread is for all of those out there who are planning on applying to one of Vanderbilt's MSN programs for Fall 2013. I'm starting to get my application packet together. I... Read More

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    I take the GRE in a couple of weeks and am trying to finalize my application. However, lately I'm being pulled toward the intensivist program. I was originally going to apply for the ACNP but the more I think about it the more I want to do the intensivist. Does anyone know the on campus requirements for the first semester? I need to plan ahead. I know we will have to move but not sure if it's feasible this soon. I know we HAVE to be on campus by the second semester but wondering if the first semester can be done distance learning?
    Thanks for any info.

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    I'm pretty sure you will need to be on campus for the entire MSN year if you are doing the Intensivist specialty. I'd call the nursing office just to make sure though.
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    I am applying for CNM masters entry. Not sure if I will apply for the dual degree in FNP. Unlikely I can attend even if I am accepted as my Hubby needs to get into an undergrad program in the area so he can wrap that up while I do the masters, which might be a difficult balance...About me - childbirth educator for 3 years, lactation counselor working in postpartum for one year so far, will graduate 12/15/12 Summa Cum Laude with BS in women's studies, taking GRE 8/15 and so far my practicing tells me I am NOT prepared for the math portion despite daily studying, I had 52 units for a 2.0 in the beginning of my college career, graduating with a cumulative 3.1 GPA and a 3.97 in the last 80 units taken.....lots of volunteer history in my community over the years, although not related to birth...hoping to doula at numerous births over the next 6-12 months, and expect to be IBCLC 7/13 and will go to a women health Spanish immersion program/ clinical immersion with CFHI for four weeks in June 2013..... Hoping I can get admitted, and secondly that poor folks like my family can somehow pay for a grad edu! Oh, the app process is so overwhelming...anyone else paralyzed by the pressure and magnitude of the process?
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    UGH! I feel like just when I've decided and start to put plans in motion the universe intervenes! I have beens tudying and preparing to take the GRE, getting the house on the market to sell, preparing to move to Nashville (visiting in a few weeks) and my husband got offered an incredible promotion at his job. If I pursue my dream (intensivist ACNP) then he looses his dream job! Part of me (the good wife) sees the compromise here. The other part of me that gave up med school to have a family is really struggling with this.
    I feel like I'm back to square 1 again and wondering if I should even bother to take the GRE at this point.
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    Wow. That's a hard thing to go through. Intensivist NPs haven't all gone through Vandys Intensivist ACNP program. Is there a program in your area for ACNP? What about the distance program where you visit Nashville once a month? Or even go part time? Just don't give up on your dream. Where there's a will, there's a way.

    Good luck!
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    Ask hub to privilege your dreams this time around. You already made a huge sacrifice in turning down med school!
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    Im just getting ready for a nursing transition program next year from medic-RN 12 months but am already looking at Vandy for my MSN since I already have a BA. I am particularly interested in their Psych NP program. My original undergrad GPA was an awful 2.59 but I am hoping that my post bacc gpa of 3.9, great science GPA, good future nursing gpa, 4 years medic experience, and being a male will earn me a spot in the program.
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    Just signed up to attend the October 6th open house. Anyone else planning on attending?
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    Hi Josacli,

    I agree with Letschill. Don't give up on your dreams. Keep looking for a way to make it work and since you already started to study for the GRE you may as well take it, you have nothing to lose. Keep us posted on what you decide to do and good luck
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    I signed up as well to attend open house

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