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Hey everyone! This thread is for all of those out there who are planning on applying to one of Vanderbilt's MSN programs for Fall 2013. I'm starting to get my application packet together. I... Read More

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    I would call, and also email the PMHNP specialty director for feedback on your application. She will give you a quick response of where you stand in the admissions process. Good luck!!

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    Thanks KoKe! I'll email her on Monday.
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    If you don't mind me asking, did you email ***** and, if so, how did it go? Did she respond? Did she convey to you that your inquiry was welcomed? Did you find anything out about the timeframe of the decision making for the pre-specialty PMHNP program? I have also applied to that program and am awaiting a decision (I did not get my application in by the priority deadline but submitted it around mid-January).
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    Hi Joshua, I actually just called and they said I was wait listed. I figured it was easier to just call.
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    hannahzp- did they tell you anything about the waitlist?
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    Nope she just said I'd get information in the letter. KoKe did your letter say anything specific? When you emailed the program director did she give you more information?
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    I just called admissions and my application is STILL under review. She said that she would email the director and let her know I was inquiring. Has anyone else run into this? My application was on time.
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    vandydani- that happened to me too! I emailed the PMHNP prespecialty director and she was able to give me an update on my application within 24 hours.

    hannahzp- The program director didn't tell me much about the waitlist. I haven't received the letter yet.
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    Hello all,

    I haven't posted on this thread yet, but I wanted to introduce myself as I will be attending in the fall! I am in the NMW track and am so excited to begin this journey! Living in Chicago, I imagine it's going to be quite an adjustment. So ready to get to know you!

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    Just heard that the Student Admissions Committee meeting which was scheduled today was canceled due to spring break for those that were told they would have a decision today, it will now be next Wed., the 13th! No need to call until next week!

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