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I was just wondering if there were others out there who applied to the UTMB FNP program this year. I applied for the post-master's program. I have no idea how competitive admission is or when they will send letters. Anyone?... Read More

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    Yes, my interview is on May 21st on the phone as well. They didnt tell me who I will interview with though.

    I got the impression from the person I talked to that all interviews were conducted over the phone.

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    Yes I found out from a few friends who have already been accepted to other tracks and those who are currently in the program that they are all phone interviews.

    I am not sure why she told me who was interviewing me.... just glad that I actually know and have met the person interviewing me... hope that helps calm the nerves!!!

    Got some preparing to do!!! Good Luck!!!
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    Hi everyone,

    I see both of you had your interview today... How did it go?? Did she ask alot of questions?? My interview is not unitl next week Atleast I know who is interviewing me...
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    I finally received my email today to schedule an interview!! I scheduled my interview for Wednesday so I will let you guys know how it went!
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    I ended up calling back on Friday to find out who I would interview with. She was kind and very easy to talk to. I just spoke from the heart and I wouldnt change any of the answers I gave.

    She said there were more applicants than in years past and fewer spots. Of over 300 qualified applicants, 125 will get an interview and 50 will be accepted.

    I asked a few questions about the program, but I thought of a few more things since then. She said to expect to be notified in about 2 weeks, but Im just planning to add another 2 weeks to that to keep my mind off it.

    Good luck!
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    I haven't heard back anything yet...anyone else in the same boat?
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    I'm glad your interview went so well. That's scary only 50 students will be chosen. I wish you all the best of luck.. I guess it is good that we are 1 of the 125 to get an interview. That means we all still have a chance.
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    Quote from loreh06
    I haven't heard back anything yet...anyone else in the same boat?
    They told me that they havent finished notifying people for interviews yet. Don't fret.
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    Had my interview yesterday!! I was told it would take 2 weeks before UTMB would let me know if I was accepted or not. Well, guess what? I looked at Mystar today and my status said "ADMITTED" !!!!!!! I just need to accept or decline.
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    Congrats!!!! Which program did you apply for, FNP? Its great you heard back so soon! I interviewed back in April and still haven't heard anything =(. It seems like I'll get an answer soon though from the other posts I've read.

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