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I was just wondering if there were others out there who applied to the UTMB FNP program this year. I applied for the post-master's program. I have no idea how competitive admission is or when they... Read More

  1. by   laholme2
    I'm applying for the full program (FNP). Yes, they sent me an email to call this lady so they can schedule the interview. Which one are you applying to?
  2. by   axillan
    I just finished my CNM (certified nurse-midwife). I applied to the post-master's FNP. I did my undergrad at UTMB (online) and I would really like to get my FNP there as well. I did call to check and was told they are still reviewing applications. So I wait.
  3. by   laholme2
    I complete my undergrad there as well. I hope you hear something soon. I can't believe its taken this long.
  4. by   axillan
    When did you apply? I didnt get my application in until just before the due date. Maybe they're going in order. Hopefully I'll hear something soon.
    What is your understanding of the on-campus requirements? I couldnt gather too much from the website, but from talking with them it doesnt seem we would need to be onsite too frequently.
  5. by   laholme2
    I turn my application in right before the due date.. I do know that the program is completely online. We shouldn't have to go on campus for anything. Where do you stay? I'm from galveston, but stay in La Marque and work in Houston.
  6. by   axillan
    I live in Austin, but I grew up just up the street from you in Santa Fe.

    I got an email today to call and schedule my interview. Whew!
  7. by   argilbert3788
    Has anyone been told they are going to be having a phone interview??? I have an interview on the 21st of May...but it is a phone interview... Not quite sure if that is a goo or bad thing.... good thing is I love the person who is going to be interviewing me :-) Good Luck to everyone!
  8. by   axillan
    Yes, my interview is on May 21st on the phone as well. They didnt tell me who I will interview with though.

    I got the impression from the person I talked to that all interviews were conducted over the phone.
  9. by   argilbert3788
    Yes I found out from a few friends who have already been accepted to other tracks and those who are currently in the program that they are all phone interviews.

    I am not sure why she told me who was interviewing me.... just glad that I actually know and have met the person interviewing me... hope that helps calm the nerves!!!

    Got some preparing to do!!! Good Luck!!!
  10. by   laholme2
    Hi everyone,

    I see both of you had your interview today... How did it go?? Did she ask alot of questions?? My interview is not unitl next week Atleast I know who is interviewing me...
  11. by   yvfair
    I finally received my email today to schedule an interview!! I scheduled my interview for Wednesday so I will let you guys know how it went!
  12. by   axillan
    I ended up calling back on Friday to find out who I would interview with. She was kind and very easy to talk to. I just spoke from the heart and I wouldnt change any of the answers I gave.

    She said there were more applicants than in years past and fewer spots. Of over 300 qualified applicants, 125 will get an interview and 50 will be accepted.

    I asked a few questions about the program, but I thought of a few more things since then. She said to expect to be notified in about 2 weeks, but Im just planning to add another 2 weeks to that to keep my mind off it.

    Good luck!
  13. by   loreh06
    I haven't heard back anything yet...anyone else in the same boat?