UTEP FNP Summer/Fall 2013 notifications

  1. Hi all! Has any one else who applied for UT El Paso Family Nurse practitioner program starting this summer/fall heard anything about notifications?? The website says they'd send out notifications the first week of April and I've still heard nothing. I've called and emailed the school with no response back. Getting very peeved Anybody got info???
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  3. by   peacelives10

    I also applied for the summer/fall 2013 entrance have been wondering the same thing. Never heard a thing from the school. I called the school of nursing and was only able to speak to an administrative assistant. She seemed confused and could not provide me with clear explanation as to why there has not been any notifications. From what I understood, the program is transitioning from a "twice a year fnp class to once a year". In others words, they are doing away with fall admissions and sticking only with Spring admissions. She told me to email the school of graduate studies and tell them to hold my app till spring 2014. She also said there would be an official email or letter sent to all applicants to explain the situation. This conversation took place 2 weeks ago, I have received no official letter or email explaining this change or what to do. Like i said , she seemed very confused and uninformed. I don't mean to get lower your expectations but this is only what I was told. Hopefully, I'm wrong. If you get ahold of anyone official that knows anything, please let me know. I was looking to starting my master's education soon, as I'm sure you were, but it doesn't seem likely with UTEP...unless I wait till 2014. Hope this helps...
  4. by   fnp2be15
    I applied to this program for Fall 2013 and submitted all of my materials by the deadline. I did not receive any kind of notifications and still haven't received any sort of communication from the school so I thought maybe they didn't even receive my materials. I sent an email to the graduate admission coordinator and did not receive anything in return. I decided to go with another university but it still would be nice to know what happened to my application. I'm not even sure if they had interviews or sent any other emails saying they received all the materials?
  5. by   SATXnurse12
    So I FINALLY got a hold of them today and ------------ said they are not having a FNP cohort for this summer/fall. The next cohort is spring 2014. Needless to say, I'm super ******! How can they allow people to waste their time, energy, and application fee money if the program is unstable?? I've already talked to grad school about getting a refund on my app fee of $65. So wrong and definitely will NOT be applying to UTEP ever again!
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  6. by   fnp2be15
    Wow, we didn't even get an email notifying us of any change like they were just going to let us sit there and wait. Just, wow. Can I ask how you contacted them for a refund? Thanks!
  7. by   SATXnurse12
    I called the grad school and spoke with ---------------. I gave him my info and he said he'd email me when he has news for me about when I'd get my refund. After dealing with this schools incompetence however, I'll be calling him back next week if I don't hear from him.
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  8. by   peacelives10
    WHAT!!! I appreciate you, SATXnurse12, for investigating this further. I knew something wasn't right when I spoke to ---------------- and she seemed like she was avoiding the conversation. You're right, its absolutely ridiculous that they wouldn't inform us of this pretty significant change in admission policy BEFORE we wasted our time. I'm extremely disappointed in their complete ineptitude. Not even a simple notification, they really dropped the ball and made themselves look despicable. I will be asking for refund as well and do not intend on ever attending UTEP. Thankfully I applied to other programs and hopefully I get into a more trustworthy school.
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  9. by   FuturFNP
    Sorry to hear that you all are having a communication issue. I'm about to start my third semester in the FNP track at UTEP and am surprised at this. When I applied there was very good communication, especially compared to other schools that I looked at. I really hope that thing begin to look up and you get accepted soon. Good luck
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  10. by   pharamade84
    Hi everyone,
    Has anyone interviewed for UTEP FNP program yet, am aware classes starts in the spring of 2014 and people are been scheduled for interviews already.
  11. by   pharamade84
    Have you been contacted by UTEP FNP program yet, am aware classes starts in the spring of 2014 and people are been scheduled for interviews already.
  12. by   sundayd
    pharamade84, I had my interview and was accepted for 2014 for UTEP. Did you get accepted as well? Just curious, haven't came across anyone who has been accepted. Would be nice to find someone going through the same thing.
  13. by   utepfnp2015
    I got accepted for 2014. orientation is on jan 13 and jan 14
  14. by   sundayd
    Cool. Have you been able to register or have they been able to register for you yet? I haven't had any luck with that.