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  1. Hi Guys!

    I received my acceptance letter from UTA a couple weeks back and was just wondering who all will be my classmates. I am going to attend the FNP program starting in the Fall, but I believe all NP students take the same core classes. I would love to meet some of my fellow classmates and share stories/rumors, etc. I am a NICU nurse currently and I have an 8 month old daughter. I'm excited but nervous about attending grad school. I'm on the one class a semester track. Can't wait for the info session on the 15th!
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  3. by   carachel2
    I'm a UTA NP grad...good luck! Once you grind through all of the ridiculous paper writing in Theory, Research and then yet another class called "Theory AND Research" you get to the good stuff ! I also took one class a semester and loved having time to balance my family life with school.
  4. by   fireywoods1988
    Congratulations! I"m wanting to become a np as well. Do you know what kind of average gpa is considered competitive? Thanks!
  5. by   semi_precious_RN
    Hi carachel2, did you graduate with your FNP? When did you graduate? Where are you working now? I just attended the info session this past Monday and have to say I am excited/nervous about the program. I work full time nights in a NICU and have an 8 month old. I decided to only do one class/semester, but that has me graduating in Fall 2017!!! That makes me a little nervous, so I am going back and forth on whether I should take two classes/semester and get done a year sooner. I figure I will probably have another baby within the next year or two, so not sure what that will do to my school, but I would love to get done soon. I have a supportive family and husband who can help w/ the kids, so that is a big bonus, although my hubby doesn't make a lot of money so I have to work at least part time to make ends meet. Glad to hear from someone who has graduated from the program. From meeting w/ the dean and associate dean (Drs. Gray and Schira) I feel that this school actually cares about it's students. Hope that is true.
    Fireywoods1988 I know that the school is very competitive. My GPA was above 3.5 and I got in on my first try. I have been a nurse in an ICU setting for 7 years, have experience as a travel RN and got references from my manager, charge nurse and an NP who graduated from the program and had strong essays and I think that helped me get in. They said in my info session on Monday that 400 applied and about 150 got in. Very competitive. Good luck!
  6. by   Student213
    Hi guys. Congratulations on making it into the program. I was hoping you could advise me. I am graduating with my ADN soon and will be working on my BSN and later I might try to get into NP school. Would it be a good idea for me to take my RN-BSN at UTA instead of another school. Will this help me later if I try to go to NP school there?