University of Cincinnati FNP fall 2013 anyone??? University of Cincinnati FNP fall 2013 anyone??? | allnurses

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University of Cincinnati FNP fall 2013 anyone???

  1. 1 Hello all! Just got my acceptance letter today for UC, nervous but excited at the same time to be going forward in my career! Any words of advice are greatly appreciated :-)
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    I would like to hear from others who applied to, or got accepted to U of Cincinnati! I'm planning to apply this school the next fall semester!
    Are you in the online program or the on-site program? Could you tell me more about the applying process?

    Thank you so much in advance!
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    Congrats! UC is one of my top three choices for either FNP or AGNP (still undecided if I really wanna learn pedi stuff or not!) I have been looking for an online option as I graduated with my ASN from Excelsior College and will have my BSN from Excelsior College in December (well conferral date isn't until Feb 2014 though). I'm hoping to get into the Summer 2014 or Fall 2014 myself.
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    @ruri0743 I too am thinking of applying to UofC for next year, but for the spring term, FNP route!
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    I didnt know they accept students in spring semester! Or are you going for the distance program?
    Since I'm an international student, I must take the on campus program have you started your application?
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    I just got accepted a week or so ago, will be starting in August. my email address is if you are interested in being in touch.
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    Quote from deleob
    I just got accepted a week or so ago, will be starting in August. my email address is if you are interested in being in touch.
    Sure will! Thank you!
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    I was accepted to University of Cincinnati's online FNP program to start Fall 2013. I am pretty excited. It took about 9 weeks to get my acceptance letter. I am thrilled to be moving forward with my dreams. Has anyone heard what the average pass rate is on the FNP boards from University of Cincinnati's online program?
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    Also, I would love to hear from any current students on how time consuming the school work is. I work 32-40 hours a week, mostly on nights. My kids are all school aged and my husband is super supportive of my goals to graduate as a FNP. I know in undergraduate school they say for each credit you shoud plan on 3 hours of studying. Like a 4 credit class should consume at least 12 hours of your week to get a descent grade. Does one need to plan on more than 3 hours a credit for graduate classes?
    I have also been accepted to Maryville University's online FNP program and I understand that their semesters do not have more than 6 credits that a person takes. It takes longer to finish, however perhaps more managable.
    I believe that University of Cincinnati is ranked higher than Maryville University with their online FNP. I am just looking for any feedback. I am leaning towards U of C, however I want to be sure of my decision.
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    I just got my acceptance letter yesterday for the Adult NP online program. It only took about 5 weeks to hear for me. Also interested in finding others in the program.
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    I am also accepted to UC for AGNP for fall 13!!! Keep in touch!
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    I am extremely interested in hearing about the school workload and managing home and life. I myself am starting there BSN online program and then onto there NP program and wondering if I will be able to manage work and school.
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    I'm waiting to hear on WHNP for Fall 2013, my overall from my BSN 21 yrs ago was a 2.99, so not sure...

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