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I am considering entering the online FNP program at the University of Cincinnati. I have a few questions about the program and I am wondering if there are any current UC students or alumni that can... Read More

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    I applied to the summer 2017 UC FNP program part time plan (7-10 credits/semester) and am wondering if anyone is in the program, how rigorous it is, how much time per week on coursework spent? Thank you.
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    I'm in the online FNP program. I just completed my second semester. It is very doable. A lot of writing, DB, especially in theory for EBP class and advanced health assessment. Lectures for Health assessment class and differential diagnostics are very long (2.5 hrs each). Other than that it takes me about 20-25 hrs/week. Professors are great and willing to help. I'm very pleased with a knowledge base i get. So far i got all As) You can do it!