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Hi Everyone! Just wondering if anyone applied to University of Cincinnati's Online Nursing Program for Summer 2013? I applied for the FNP specialty about 5 weeks ago and am still waiting to hear... Read More

  1. by   Tricia H.
    Yes apparently if you do not fill out the 2012 fasfa summer aide is not included and as I did not know this I filled it out asap and should get an award for this semester in time. I never even thought that the award and fasfa for 2013 was not for this semester. Apparently we can use it for next summer however.
  2. by   Tricia H.
    Oh also financial aide told me if you do not utilize all of the aide you are offered for fall/spring you can use what is left for summer. I found out that the 3 hours of lab time are where you find people willing to let you perform physical exams on them.
  3. by   nicurn17
    Just find random people to do exams on? Ha seems strange.
  4. by   Tricia H.
    Like your co-workers, family, etc. She said you get contracts, ? they must have to sign that you did the assessment on them?
  5. by   johnenglish RN
    Hi Tricia H. I was accepted for fall 2013 Adult NP in at UC, I can see you started this summer, please let me know how difficult it is and if can be able to work while in school, all also if there is anybody that have an idear let me know
  6. by   IcySageNurse
    U of Cincinnati's acceptance rate is nearly one should feel nervous waiting..
  7. by   fnp2be15
    Seems like there were people posting that they were rejected by UC. I don't think the acceptance rate is near 100%. If you have admission statistics (other than anecdotal observations on this website or otherwise) I would like see them as I am considering this school.
  8. by   fnp2be15
    In the spirit of your "observed" acceptance rate study of UC on, here are a couple of denial posts:
    University oif Cincinnati MSN students Current and New
    Frontier vs University of Cincinnati

    Please keep in mind that there is a selection (participation) bias that occurs. Not everyone getting rejected from UC wants to log in and post about it. Although you may think the acceptance rate is "nearly 100%" by reading a few threads, you probably should not post things that are not able to be fully supported with either admission statistics documents or some other form of solid evidence. This is also a good idea for future clinical practice. I'm not saying UC is the best in the country, but it is far from the "diploma mill" you are making it out to be..

    Also, from one of your previous posts:

    "I'm very concerned with always providing the best care for my patients and so I want to go to a program where I will learn the most. It seems a lot of "diploma mill" type schools have opened for NPs, and I need help weeding them out!"

    I applaud your concern for future patients, but as much as I would like to allow you to shape your post so that it makes UC's program appear as a diploma mill, I think there is strong evidence against this.

    For anyone reading this thread, here are some highlights about UC Nursing:

    1) First bachelor's degree program in nursing
    2) U.S. News Best Grad Schools, ranked #64 (alongside Baylor, MGH, Texas Tech, USF, UTMB, Villanova)
    3) Nursing Anesthesia, #32
    4) Nursing-Midwifery, #35
    5) #33 Best Online Graduate Education Programs (not nursing, but I doubt a public institution like UC would have one degree program that is a diploma mill and one that is highly ranked)
    6) Pediatrics ranked #3 in the nation, along with all other medical school specialties in the top 50 (otolaryngology #18, neurology #28, geriatrics #29, cardiology #43)
    7) U.S. President William Taft, Law Alumni, 1880
    8) Inventor of Benadryl, George Rieveschl, Class of '37, '39', and '40
    9) First emergency medicine residency program
    10) First oral polio vaccine (Albert Sabin, UC Professor)

    More at: UC Facts, University of Cincinnati

    I am not a recruiter. I am seriously considering this school and take my education choices very personally. I know that when I was searching for programs, I relied heavily on the personal experience expressed on this board. I think that it is only fair that those reading threads like yours that may immediately think "nearly 100%" = diploma mill or low-quality education receive the facts.
  9. by   linzlace
    I have heard UC is an excellent program! Solid reputation! Don't think you have anything to worry about there! Just a bit pricey for me...trying to stay in texas so I don't have to pay out of state tuition. But otherwise I think it would be a great program to consider!
  10. by   Rlwill
    I was just accepted for fall 2013 for Agnp! I'd love to keep in contact with anyone who's interested! I'm excited to get started!,
  11. by   TSM2017
    I have had the same issue. I have submitted my paperwork and wondered if everything is complete. I have not heard anything. The ONLY thing that makes me feel ok is that I had the same communication issues with Georgetown and I know they are a really big name fancy school. They never returned my calls or emails. The adviser had a horrible attitude and emails were very abrupt. I did read this articles about how potential applicants used to only apply to a few schools now they are applying to schools by the teens or twenties making the process very slow for the schools.
  12. by   nursingschooldiva
    how did you do in the program and the class? I am waiting to hear if I will be accepted for jan 2015