UMDNJ vs. Thomas Jefferson University

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    Hello again allnurses Community!

    I have applied to the Family Nurse Practitioner programs at The University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I'm just interested in receiving some preliminary opinions/information about the two programs. I've created a little comparison of the two schools with some information I came across online. Which university would you choose? Which program sounds better? And I would also appreciate any other information about the programs.

    Thank you!

    47 credits, 810 clinical hours
    $587 per credit, that's about $27,589 but including required books and fees the total price of education is $30,000+
    If I go to UMDNJ, I will have to attend classes on-campus and have the option to complete it part-time. UMDNJ is about 15 minutes away from my house.

    Thomas Jefferson University:
    36 credits, 16 clinical hours per week in each clinical course
    $1013 per credit, including additional fees, the total price is around $40,000+
    At TJU, I have the option to complete the program part-time (max of 6 years) and I can also complete the entire program online. TJU advertises there 95% MSN passing rate on certification exams and 100% job placement rate. TJU also ranks in the top 100 on the nation's best online nursing programs list. For nursing in general it ranks #124 compared to UMDNJs #234.
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    Actually, I'm gearing up to apply to UMDNJ, but I have doubts. I went to go visit them last week and I was not impressed! They were nice, but like most people would say, I hated the location. Clinicals should be versatile. They have over 200 clinical sites. Also, remember that with UMDNJ, you will have to find your own preceptor too. I'm not happy about that. I've looked at Thomas Jefferson, but I've never thought about going there. I think it's way too much money. If I were you I would go with UMDNJ because it's closer and cheaper. Rankings are not as important. When you are looking for a job, not one is going to say that well your school ranked this so I'm not going to hire you. Whatever you choose to do, Good Luck!
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    Thank you NewTexasRN for your advice, good luck and opinions. I have my doubts with UMDNJ as well but my concerns involve the restructuring of the university and also having to find my own preceptor. Was it only the location that you disliked? Very true regarding rankings and job opportunities. I thought TJU would be a safe choice because of the part-time program, being able to complete the entire program online and it is not undergoing a major make over.
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    Im actually in the TJU FNP program now and it isn't all online (unless you live over 90 miles away). For the assessment class and the clinical class you have to be on campus once a week but it isn't bad. I really like TJU and I have no regrets about going here. Good luck making a decision!
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    Thanks MissT19 for your response. Good to hear from a TJU student! I do live more than 90 miles away and I was told by a TJU Rep that the program would be completely online. Are you taking the online courses/program? Once a week isn't bad at all.
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    Yeah I am taking online courses as well, most of the classes are only online which is nice because you can pretty much set your own schedule and do the work when you have time. There are only the 3 clinical courses and assessment class that even have the option of being on campus.
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    Sounds like a pretty good and flexible program. I'm glad you responded to the thread. Good luck in the program and keep me updated if you can

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