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I've been lurking here, looking to see if anyone would be starting a thread on the UAB MSN cohort for Summer 2014. Nobody has yet, so I'm doing it! Application deadline is October 28th! Is anyone... Read More

  1. by   sls182002
    Hello All

    I wanted to ask are most of you (applicants) from the area, former students of UAB, or outside of the Alabama area? I wanted to know if they gave more preference to residents, alumni, or just accepted based on stats? Thank you in advance for your answers. I wish all of you the best of luck and success.
  2. by   nontradbsn22
    I am not a former student and I live in Georgia.

    Received email from CB today with information on orientation. Anyone going to the one in March?
  3. by   serein
    I'm not a former student and I live in Alabama. I just moved here a year ago though. All my previous schooling was done in Florida.
  4. by   RNdiscipulus
    Hello everyone! I just had a couple of quick questions. I'll be applying for the fall of 2014 at UAB with a concentration of acute care/ RNFA and a backup choice of adult gerontology acute care or FNP. I can't decide on the backup. I have a last 60 hours GPA of 3.65 and almost 2 years critical care nursing experience. I have a 4.0 from all science courses taken. I am currently in my second semester of an RN to BSN program that I will finish in summer. I was just wondering if this would be decent enough to get into these programs? Thanks so much.
  5. by   courtney0189
    Just wondering if anyone has been able to register for classes? I looked on blazernet and it doesn't give me the option to enroll for summer 2014. I'm assuming it's because of the holds on my account from medical clearance, drug screen and background check that haven't been done yet since they're due at the same time. I just don't see how I would be able to get registered before the February deadline if the holds aren't off before then?
  6. by   serein
    I'm in the process of doing my medical clearance and no email yet about drug screen. I was going over the schedule for orientation though and it said registration so I'm assuming we can register then?
  7. by   OrthoFNP
    My banner ID won't allow me to register through the medical clearance website. I'm starting to stress. Guess I will have to call someone tomorrow. Ugh...
  8. by   sweeteen21
    Anyone heard anything about the drug testing?
    I haven't gotten the email yet, but am scheduled to go to the orientation session feb 6.

    Just ts wondering if anyone else is in the same boat??
  9. by   OrthoFNP
    I asked and CB told me drug screen/background check emails will go out next month.
  10. by   OncRNMichelle
    I got a kick out of reading this thread! You guys tortured yourselves waiting for those letters. I submitted mine then (somehow) forgot about it until I got an acceptance letter in the mail. Just curious how the first year went for you all. I start this May in the Adult Gero/Oncology program. Hope you're all doing well!! Any advice, tips, tricks, hints are appreciated!