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I've been lurking here, looking to see if anyone would be starting a thread on the UAB MSN cohort for Summer 2014. Nobody has yet, so I'm doing it! Application deadline is October 28th! Is anyone... Read More

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    Thanks CLPrater

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    Dimples, I agree with CLPrater! Keep trying!!! You WILL end up exactly where you are supposed to! I've been rejected a time or two myself! It doesn't feel good at all, but it motivates you to push EVEN harder! Look into a boatload of schools! In MS alone there are many options including: USM, UMC, Delta State, William Carey, University for Women etc. etc. etc. As my mom always says, "Nothing ventured. Nothing gained."
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    Still nothing in today's mail!!!
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    Nothing in the mail today, either! What the heck?
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    I called them today and said I hadn't received any mail. She said, "You applied for NP, Woman's Health right?" I said yes... her reply "Well its a good thing because YOU'RE IN!" Haha. She said if I didn't get a packet by Friday to call back and they would resend one or I could pick it up. She stated to disregard the deadline of the 20th to send paperwork back since I've been in touch about it already.
    Karrey- I'd give them a call! Everyone should have their letters/packets by now. Good luck!!
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    I emailed yesterday evening, so I'll wait to see if I hear back from her this morning. If I get too impatient I'll give her a call this afternoon. This waiting game SUCKS, especially if I haven't been admitted!
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    Nevermind, I got my official rejection letter today. Sigh.
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    I am so sorry ScaryK. You gotta keep applying! You'll get in!!!
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    I'm sorry scareykarey,
    Hang in there. My rejection from uab has me even more convinced that I have to keep trying because I want this so much. So don't lose hope. Be sure to reapply. I am submitting my usa application tomorrow.
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    Has anyone received the background check and drug test email yet? I just want to make sure I haven't missed anything, but know things might be delayed on UAB's end due to the holidays. Thanks!

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