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I have applied to UAB's ACNP program for Fall 2013. Just wanted to start a "roll call", if you will, for all those applying to any of UAB's NP programs for fall 2013 so that we can kind of keep each... Read More

  1. by   life2020
    I'm attending the orientation in June. Didn't want to wait till July.
  2. by   SoBlessed_RN
    I'm going to the orientation in July.
  3. by   earthsalt
    Quote from SLegui74
    I received my packet on the 26th as well, Adult Acute NP, concentration in gerontology. Is anyone attending the orientation June 27-28th?
    I'll be attending the June orientation.
  4. by   missyumee
    Hey guys, just wanted to know if you guys have heard of anyone switching specialties in the middle of their track. I've been accepted for Fall '13 for ACNP, but my heart is leading me towards FNP now. I don't want to get in the situation of being stuck in a track that my heart isn't in, but I don't want to give up on UAB either. I would like to start ACNP in the Fall and apply to switch to the FNP track after the first year, but would be at a loss if my switch wasn't accepted. I would love to hear if you guys have heard of anyone's experience of switching tracks during the program. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. by   earthsalt
    Has anyone heard anything about the drug screens yet? I've been having trouble with a lot of mass emails getting sent to my spam inbox and I just want to make sure that's haven't missed it. Thanks guys!
  6. by   bhudgins
    I was wondering the same thing. I haven't received anything yet
  7. by   ssnodg1
    I was accepted into the acute care NP adult-gerontology too. I am going to the June orientation. I have not received anything on the drug screen either.
  8. by   ssnodg1
    I was told letters would be sent out...that was 2 weeks ago.
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  9. by   SoBlessed_RN
    I haven't heard anything about the drug screens yet either.
  10. by   earthsalt
    Glad to see I'm not the only one who hasn't heard anything yet and also glad I'm not the only one going to the June orientation. Lol
  11. by   wanderlea
    Just booked my hotel for the July orientation! Can't wait to excited!! Hope to meet a lot of you all there!
  12. by   wanderlea
    Hey all! Does anyone know how to create a FB page for the fall 2013 NP class so we can all get to know each other better and keep in touch? I see other schools do that but I don't know how to do it
  13. by   ryguyRN
    I created a Facebook group called UAB NP Fall 2013 Cohort, if anyone would like to join.