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Hi! I have 2 years experience in Med-Surg, Telemetry and Oncology. I am single with no kids and work full time (three 12 hour shifts) NIGHT shift at a hospital on a TELE/ONC floor. I am wanting to... Read More

  1. by   Princess_WannaBe
    Nat03 glad to hear you are joining the WHNP track.I know its not a popular one but it can be very rewarding one. I'm from the Dallas area but got my nursing degree from the TWU Houston campus. What about yourself?
  2. by   Nat03
    Yea I know, but I have only work labor and delivery and didn't feel comfortable doing FNP. Plus I really like women's health. I am from Houston and went to UTMB. I am going to have to move to Dallas and have no idea where to live. I have not been to dallas in years. I guess I will have a look around town.
  3. by   Princess_WannaBe
    I've only worked NICU so this will be a big adjustment for me to have patients that talk but I love womens health. Depending on what you want to spend for rent I would suggest the Addison, Lewisville, Carrollton area, and certain places off Hwy 75. They are decent safe areas and close to a lot of things.
  4. by   Nat03
    Oh wow NICU. I will take a look around those areas to see what is for rent thanks! So excited to start!
  5. by   diamond082017
    Hello, is anyone taking Patho right now? Could you please give me some advice on how to study for her exams? @Nat03 @ Princess_WannaBe @smelo.

  6. by   Princess_WannaBe
    Just took our first patho test and the best way to prepare is to READ HER NOTES and then READ THEM AGAIN. Know them word for word!!!!! Also look at the questions from the study guide she takes a few from those. Don't worry about reading the book unless you need more clarity on her notes. Basically just study her notes and you should do fine
  7. by   smelo
    Pay attention in class. The teacher will mention specific answers or what will ask for sure. I still read the chapters and she did have some questions from the book that where not mentioned in her notes or the review she gave us. I just bought the study guide as I did not know she takes some questions from it. Basically for this next test I'll be doing everything... trying to get the reading done before the lectures, going over her notes religiously, the study guide questions, and answering the questions she gives on the review.
  8. by   Princess_WannaBe
    The study guide for the book she took quite a few questions plus some of them she just asked in a different way so please invest time into looking at it.
  9. by   diamond082017
    Thanks so much, I will be doing this. I didn't do so hot on the first exam.
  10. by   gradstudent2017

    I will be taking this class in the Fall. So....basically all I should do it memorize the notes and that should be enough to help pass the exams? I am so nervous about taking this class, I hear that it is very tough. Any advice would be helpful!

  11. by   tele jelly
    No-I would never recommend just memorizing the notes. You need to retain and understand this information to use in your practice as a nurse practitioner. At this point in your career and education, you should definitely be beyond "memorizing the notes." That might get you a passing grade, but it won't help you become a good NP.
  12. by   nursingonpurpose
    Hello, All
    UTA now offers an online FNP program. Anyone heard any reviews?
  13. by   chasdim23
    Hello I start the PNP program at TWU Dallas campus in the spring and I Was trying to see if two classes a semester is doable or should I do 1. I do have two kids and a husband and work 3 days a week. I just don't want to put too much on myself just to finish in two years. Any input would be greatly appreciate.
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