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Hi! I have 2 years experience in Med-Surg, Telemetry and Oncology. I am single with no kids and work full time (three 12 hour shifts) NIGHT shift at a hospital on a TELE/ONC floor. I am wanting to become a Family Nurse... Read More

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    Just realized there are probably tons of threads with my question : p

    Any advice is still appreciated though (:

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    IMO 1.5-2years is enough.
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    I am worried just applied to uta program what do you think made your APP stand out ?
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    Does the WHNP program at TWU require experience? If so, how many years? Does TWU arrange or help you with clinicals or are you completely on your own?
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    Just wondering if you have applied again. I am applying for Spring 2013 and was worried about how difficult it was to get in ect. My GPA is 3.56 and I am not sure that will be up to snuff.
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    Actually I am in my third semester at TWU. I was deferred at UTA for two semesters...The second semester I had applied to TWU also and I got in there. So far I've been really happy and it's cheaper than UTA. To be quite honest...and it could have been the people I talked to only, but the ladies I talked to at UTA were pretty rude to me. I was surprised by that...especially since I'm Alumni. Oh well...everything happens for a reason. I've been happy at TWU!! Good luck to advice would be apply to a couple of places and I'm sure you will get in somewhere! If not the first time, keep at it!

    Take Care!!
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    Found out on Tuesday that I got accepted to UTA for spring 2013! I am pretty excited!

    It's the part time track so I am hoping that working two days a week will be ok.

    Does anyone know how registration for classes work? Do you have any choice on what you take and when or do they just give you a course map to follow.

    The place I work does block scheduling (6 months at a time) and I want to make sure that I will know when class times are ect.....

    Thanks for the help TCUgirl15!
    Congrats on getting in and being in your third semester! So exciting!
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    I am currently in the PNP program at TWU and have a little 9 month old. After having my little baby my priorities have definitely changed but I still want to get my PNP. How much time do clinicals and preceptorship 1 and 2 take? My husband and I are anti-daycare but do have family to help take care of our son. If possible, my husband may be able to stay home one day a week with him. Does anyone have any advice or comment on how many hours per week clinicals and the course (child health I, II, and III) take per semester?
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    I have a question for TWU NP students/graduates: If you're accepted into a specialty like FNP do they let you switch to a different specialty? Or is it permanent
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    When I applied I had to apply to one program (FNP) and one campus (Dallas, Denton, or Houston). The first 20 hours are the same for all the NP programs and for the Nursing Ed program. At one point early on I considered switching to nursing ed. I was told I could do it with no problem (fill out a form and have it signed by the program director).

    However, I'm totally guessing here, but I wouldn't be surprised if you'd have to go through some sort of application process again if you wanted to switch NP specialties. The programs are pretty competitive and space is very carefully planned for each semester (I know because I tried to switch around the order of some of my classes in my degree plan and wasn't able to because there were no slots available).

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