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Just wondering if anyone has or is currently attending the online MSN NP program at SLU? I would love to get the inside scoop on this school. Thanks in advance!... Read More

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    Sorry, not familiar with the concept of accelerated NP programs. Do you mean RN-MSN?

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    Yes Can't keep them straight yet.
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    Yes then! Drexel has an accelerated program. 3 Bridge courses are required plus a statistics course. Not too bad! I'm fairly sure SLU does as well. Sorry, I didn't follow your question initially.
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    thank you.This is very helpful!
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    i am also looking into starting the psych np program at SLU. I am looking into the online program. Are you doing the classroom or online? Are you working full time as well? I am currently a psych rn and finishing up my BSN through Grand Canyon and am hesitant to start and online NP program!
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    You have to take a stats course for SLU? I have already taken one but I guess they make you take a grad level stats course?
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    No, stats does not have to be grad level. I took mine at UoP and that was fine. SLU has a GREAT reputation. I have been accepted but deferred. As schools go I think SLU is one of the better online programs. It is $$$ however. Good luck with your decision...psych programs are hard to find. Congrats on finishing your BSN. I finished mine in Dec.
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    Yeah, the money is making me stress a little. Especially bc there aren't many jobs for psych np's in my area.
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    The psych NP field is exploding. By the time you finish I expect there will be jobs available. I've pretty much decided to forgo my plan to attend. I wish you well in your journey!
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    What!? Why? If I may ask

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