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I wanted to start this thread for all of the new (and current) students at Saint Joseph's College of Maine FNP program. Any info, news, updates or questions/concerns could be asked here for all... Read More

  1. by   RN-In Maine
    Thanks CookiePB

    That's a good idea!! Goodluck with adult theory...your in the real stuff now!!
  2. by   RN-In Maine

    For anyone who has completed NP Assessment 601. I know previously people have mentioned the class has a ton of work. In trying to get a ball park of when I will start clinicals I am trying to see how long the class will realistically take. 8 weeks unrealistic? I appreciate the feedback!!
  3. by   canchaser
    Hey all just wanted to let you know everyone in my clinical cohort passed boards on first try. 5 took aanp and 1 took ANCc.
  4. by   RN-In Maine

    Thank you for letting us know! Congratulations!!
  5. by   TraceyMarino
    Congrats Canchaser! RN in Maine, I think 8 weeks for physical assessment is unrealistic. First, there is just too much work. second, if you rush through it, you may not retain much information. I busted through every class-I finished all the fluff classes like informatics, ethics, etc in 6 weeks. I was a drug rep, so I was able to bust through pharmacology and pathophysiology in 9 weeks. Physical assessment is the ONLY class that took me the entire 15 weeks! Even the nursing theory/clinical classes are easier! I had a very difficult teacher for physical assessment, and that did not help matters. I don't think your instructor for the class would even appreciate you trying to finish the class in 8 weeks....remember, they have to grade all those assignments, for multiple students. Just my 2 cents.
  6. by   RN-In Maine

    Thank you for telling me the real deal about the physical assessment class. In no way do I want to rush it just wanted to know realistically how long it will take. Thank you!
  7. by   RN-In Maine
    Hi current and past SJC students, Any advice on learning which abx are effective for which organisms? I think this is when it is difficult to have online classes and feel a little left out. A friend I have in town at another FNP school said they are going to work on that all semester (its not even there pharm class). I would love any feedback. Also, maybe we will review this again in one of the theory classes as well?
  8. by   morglan
    Question to those who have completed or are currently taking Advanced Patho (603). I'm getting ready to enroll, and see that there are 3 different instructors -- trying to decide if one would be better than the other? Without posting their names, maybe we could do first initial of last name???
  9. by   debs17
    Hello I as well would like someone to give me more information about 603 Advance Patho. There are which instructor would be the best to select? Can you put the first and last intitials? Also is there a lot of writing papers just like the core courses? Are there exams and quizzes? Are there also 5 units? Can this class in your opinions be completed in 6-8 weeks? I would love someone to please respond and give me all the information about advanced patho. Thanks
  10. by   RN-In Maine
    For those who have gone through or are going through clinicals, I know the school mentions its our responsibility to buy a PDA etc. Did you guys use Apps on your Iphones or actually bought a different device?? Love to hear feedback! Thanks.
  11. by   RN-In Maine
    There is a lot of writing in every class including Patho. You diagnose a patient and design a concept map and answer additional questions for each diagnosis. There are 5 units. No exams. There are quizzes. You may be able to complete in 8 weeks? depends how much time you can devote? I had a busy summer filled with weddings so I took 12 weeks to complete.
  12. by   morglan
    Hi RN-IN Maine, Did you like your instructor? There are three to choose from, and I've heard some are better than others. I need to enroll this week some time but wanted to see if I could get some feedback about a good instructor.
  13. by   TraceyMarino
    I don't think the instructor matters, the material is the same no matter who is teaching it. I guess you guys are looking for an easy grader? =). There is a lot of material covered in the class---but I still felt the class was not very challenging. Pathophysiology is the building block of understanding disease, and I feel this understanding is lacking in most NPs. Being one myself, I don't mean to flame. However, I still find myself studying the USMLE study guides for patho, it is a great place to get concise info on disease process.

    I hesitate calling anyone at SJCME an "instructor". With 2 exceptions, none of the instructors did any instructing. I taught myself. The best instructors give a lot of feedback, grade your lessons in a timely manner, and are easy to get ahold of if you have a question or problem. Like I said, with 2 exceptions, none of the "instructors" I had at St. Joe's met my criteria for a good instructor!