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I wanted to start this thread for all of the new (and current) students at Saint Joseph's College of Maine FNP program. Any info, news, updates or questions/concerns could be asked here for all the new and current students.... Read More

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    Canchaser...and other students further along in the program,

    Do you guys feel well prepared now that you are in clinicals? Do you feel like you will be prepared to take the FNP boards? Also, for anyone who took Anatomy/pharmacology? Did you guys take the full 15 weeks to complete? I know all the MSN classes I tried to get done as soon as I can but I am assuming you need to slow down once these start!

    Any feedback is great!! Thank you so much to the students that are helping the students behind you! It makes a huge difference.
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    In my first clinical, I was not prepared at all. I was learning woman's health/ Peds. All a new language since my background was in critical care. As I start the second clinical I feel more prepared. I'm studying for boards now by listening to tapes and doing practice test base questions. I'll be done next May.
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    Hey I joined for my FNP in may 2012 in ST Josephs maine, how long it took to gradute from the FNP program and I am currently in my Nursing leadership course, do we have to go through all the core courses to get into the actual FNP classes.And is the fnp classess also going to be writing papers with out any tutorials.
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    Yes, you have to go through all of the "Core Courses" before you can start the FNP courses and Yes, they are a ton of papers!!
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    Hello all,

    I have applied for the FNP all of my paperwork is in............I think. 3 references, the essay and my transcripts. I am hoping January 13 deadline however, I guess I would start my courses on March 31. I am applying for the post graduate FNP certification. Hoping everything works out! I only have a 3.26 GPA for my BSN but I received a 3.9 GPA for my MSN. Wish me luck!
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    thank canchaser you for your thoughtful response! sorry i did not write earlier . norik95
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    Anyone taken adv patho or pharm yet? Just wondering how difficult they are and what the format is. Proctored exams? Self-paced? I would transfer these classes to a psych NP program if they allow a student to take individual courses.
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    I am also wondering about advanced pharmacology and pathophysiology. If any students further along can give us a little idea of how the class is online?? Hard to grasp concepts with the online format? Also, if people at that point are working part time and still managing ok? And last question....if it is possible is anyone taking health assesment along with pharm or patho? Would love some feedback! Thank a bunch!!
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    HI RN in Maine and others!
    I just finished the FNP program through SJCME, just passed the AANP today hooray!

    Some advice about the program. It may have changed since I did pharm patho and phys assessment, however, these classes have a lot of homework. Especially Pharm and assessment. The pathophysiology was a breeze, which is too bad because this is where FNP education is weak compared to md and pa.

    I worked full time until I got to clinicals and theory. I took patho and pharm at the same time, then took phys assessment and one other class, don't recall. But the volume of work in the the assessment class will make you cry. Just stay on top of everything, don't fall behind, and don't procrastinate. I would sit down on my day off and bang out a whole unit is 12 hours. Don't recommend this for the average bear, but it can be done.

    A word of advice about any NP program, brick and mortar or online. In addition to "schoolwork" be sure to study other stuff too. I bought medical school review books for the USMLE exam on physical assessment, pathophysiology, and ortho. I learned more studying on my own than I did in the program. And don't feel bad. It's not that SJCME is a bad program, but doctors and patients will expect you to be a highly functioning provider when you graduate--it is up to you to live up to that expectation. And, in my experience with friends and acquaintances who attended other NP programs, the NP programs are seriously lacking in teaching real working knowledge. This needs to change, especially as RNs with no experience are going straight to NP school.

    You will find that the SJCME program is full of a lot of busy work. More than other programs online and brick and mortar. I hope they rethink this approach, as it would have been nice to have extra time to study important stuff rather than develop a care plan for an at risk family (theory I, II, III). I guarantee you will be frustrated with the unneccessary busy work while you worry about learning enough to pass the boards and actually practice!
    Just my 2 cents! Good Luck
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    TraceyMarino: I appreciate your insight. That is a really good idea to use medical school review books. Thank you for your post.

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