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I wanted to start this thread for all of the new (and current) students at Saint Joseph's College of Maine FNP program. Any info, news, updates or questions/concerns could be asked here for all the new and current students.... Read More

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    During the first two classes, you are only allowed to take one at a time (per my advisor, maybe this is just her philosophy). I spent a little two much time (for me) and didn't finish them for 5 months. Then I started my 3rd course, the following month I started my fourth. I would finish my third course at 2 months, my fourth course at 2 months. But since I staggered them, 2 courses would take approx 3 months to finish them. For example (these are hypothetical):

    January- Research Started
    February- Politics Started, Research still in Progress
    March- Leadership and Management, Research completed at the end of February. Politics is still going.
    April- Politics finished before April started. Now I start Informatics, and L&M is still going.

    By April, I've finished 2 courses and enrolled in 2. By the end of April, I'll have finished 3 courses, still enrolled in one, but will being the next course May 1.

    Essentially, I'll finish a course in 6 weeks using this method.

    Also, it should be noted that the program is not entirely self paced. For example, I'm in Politics now. I started it April 1. I just finished my Politics final. (Course finished in less than a month). I can't turn in my next assignments until I receive my grades back. I finished it super quick because I start Pathophysiology tomorrow and didn't want to be burdened with Politics. I'm ready for the good stuff

    Also, Patho, pharm, and physical assessment may take longer for me because I want to soak up every last detail.

    If I continue at this pace, I will finish the program in August 2013. I started July 2011. If I didn't take so long with my first courses (I had a lot going on when I first started and was not completely dedicated to the program) I would have finished earlier.

    Hope this helps!
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    RN-in Maine,
    You can take more than one class after you finish your first 6 credits.
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    Thank you soo much for your feedback!! And I appreciate you taking the time to explain it. I like how you layered the classes and now that I am moving on into my second course I am starting to get into it more so I plan to pick up a bit and move along a little faster. Goodluck with Patho! But you are into the good stuff
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    It is true that the cohort groups are 15 weeks for clinicals. I did all of the courses in 4 week blocks and then hit a huge slow down once clinicals came. I had to wait for a cohort group of 6 students (about 2 months) and now we all do 16 hours per week for 15 weeks together and then move on to the next clinical rotation. I was planning do 24 hours per week and then take a few weeks off from work to do 40 hours per week to graduate in May, but with the clinicals the way they are, it takes 18-24 months to get through the program. The faculty have been amazing though in helping us get through all of this!!!
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    I too am starting the second round of clinicals. It is a lot of extra work getting preceptors and entering everything into the computer....not much time for working, with clinical and homework especially if you take theory and clinical together, which is what most of us are doing.

    There have been some mix ups, confusion, but yes, the staff are trying to help us get through. I think it has been a learning process for the college and the students!!!!

    You really should count on this program taking at least 2 years. I did all the classes up to clinical in less than one year, and I agree with emsangel--huge roadblock and delay while waiting for cohort, and it is no longer self paced when you reach that point. When you enter clinicals, you are at the mercy of the college to set the pace, so brace yourself for this!
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    Thanks emsangel and TraceyMarino for the info. That is really helpful to all of us going through the classes and looking forward to the clinical aspect of the program.

    It really clears up a lot of confusion and at least we know that the school is trying to help.

    Good luck to you both and keep us posted with any updates or changes PLEASE!

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    Is anyone enrolled in NU 500 - Conceptual bases for nursing? Just wondering if you have a list of the books we need. I signed up for the class and they said it could take 5 days for confirmation so it would be nice to get a head start on ordering the books. Thank you!!
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    I got a call from the clinical advisor they were feeling me out to see if I was ready to start clinicals and if had beeen in contact with possible preceptors. They are trying to get all 6 of us on the same idea pathway, A cohort may be starting in May. I hope I can get preceptors to do paper work by 5-15.
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    I just got an email from the GPS faculty . New FNP admittion rules from 2012-2013 that requires GRE testing. Does anybody knows if its applies to people in the program that taking first 2 classes? I am on my second class , and a little worry that I have to take GRE now.. I think that takes effect in June 2012
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    You are coming in under the 11-12 school year so you should be ok. Check with the advisor.

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