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So did anyone or is anyone currently in the FNP or Adult NP online program at this time? I spoke to an admissions rep and was really impressed. The set up is nice with one course at a time,... Read More

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    I attend SU now. I am considering doubling up Nursing research with advanced nursing practice I and II. Is this too much to do?
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    It depends. I work full time so I don't think I would have been able to do it. If I didn't have a job I would say yes it is definitely doable though.
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    Hey Hope,

    That's exactly what I'm doing right now! I'm entering W9 and W4 for Research and APNII -- This has been tough for me... and I'm doing this full-time (hence the doubling up). Just today (or yesterday) I had to work on an assignment (a ppt for APNII) all day Monday, through the night and I finished it late this morning at 6:00 am...

    Like the other poster said, if you have a job, kids, etc. and do not need to rush through the program, consider perhaps doubling up APNI? or ideally, just take your time.

    Sorry, but I gave you my most unvarnished opinion Good luck!
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    Hello Jenny
    I am just reaching out, I am in the FNP program at SU, coming up on my first year I start Research in 2 weeks I would like to join the facebook page.
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    I would too Jenny.
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    What is fb page called. I'm in fnp at SU