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Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the... Read More

  1. by   icelind
    Oh and I'm applying to the FNP track!
    So far it looks like:
    Midwifery: Calinca
    Adult/Gero: SDBruin
    Family: Hawaii and Icelind
  2. by   salinn
    I'm for Midwifery too!
  3. by   conniferous
    Wow, the posts are definitely starting to pick up! I'm also applying to the FNP. My nerves are definitely getting to me as it gets closer. I have also applied to med school in the past - short story, I didn't get in, but in all honesty, I feel this field is a way better fit for me. One thing I was asked during the interviews were why not other fields. Make sure you can defend your choice. We have to pick our specialties right out of the gate so any evidence to support your choice is probably helpful.

    I wonder how many people applied this year...
  4. by   conniferous
    Also, I talked to some friends who are in the program and they said to me that the interviewers were really interested in their support systems. The program is really tough and time consuming so I guess they wanted to make sure we have the support we need during those tough times.
  5. by   Hawaii808
    I wonder how many applied also - more out of curiosity than anything. Ultimately, highly competitive admissions is highly competitive admissions no matter how you dice it. I guess I am more curious about what the average stats are for applicant pool...GPA, GRE, etc. I know this is only one factor in the process, but it would give me something with which to situate myself in reference with the other applicants to my track. Has anyone applied to other programs?
  6. by   Hawaii808
    Also, has anyone received an interview invitation? Myself, conniferous, and Icelind will probably be the last since it seems, historically anyway, that FNP apps are last to get notified.
  7. by   salinn
    Last year there were over 350 applicants and the trend has been that each year there are more applicants than the past year. I haven't heard anything back about interviews yet. I think it will likely be next week that we hear something. I applied to 7 direct entry programs this year. To me, it seems like most applicants GPAs and GRE scores are all relatively similar. The real differentiator ends up being what you've done outside of school, your personal statement, and how you might be a good fit with a particular school's program and why.
  8. by   Hawaii808
    Thanks salinn. Have you been accepted into any other programs? I applied to three total, have already been accepted to one, but Seattle U is BY FAR my top choice for so many reasons. I am hoping we may have some movement this week. I would much prefer to interview in person, but because I am coming from so far away, if I don't have a long enough lead time, airfare will be prohibitive.
  9. by   salinn
    Yes I have been accepted to one other program as well. I always thought that in-person interviews were better but now I've done Skype, phone, and in person interviews for school and it's really just about the connection between you and your interviewer. My phone interviews were fantastic. Maybe I was more comfortable because I wasn't worried about extraneous details and felt more relaxed or maybe it was just the conversation. Either way, if you can't make it in-person, i don't believe it will detract from your chances of getting accepted.
  10. by   Hawaii808
    So, maybe is shouldn't worry as much about being present in-person. That wood take a lot of pressure off - not necessarily because of the interview, but because of the travel/time/expense.
  11. by   Hawaii808
    Also, thank you (salinn) for posting the interview question ideas. That's was very helpful!
  12. by   icelind
    Is anyone else losing their minds waiting? I've been checking this website and my email multiple times a day just waiting to see if I receive an interview invite...
  13. by   Hawaii808
    I am definitely in the same boat. It's not a fun boat to be in. :-/. I would think that emails would go out this week. If they wait until next week, that puts notifications up against when interviews are slated to start.