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Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the 2012 thread where we reached... Read More

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    I've thought about it. I guess I feel like I won't be very competitive because I am still working on prereqs. I still have A+P I and II and the Dev Psych class which all won't be on my transcript when it's sent. What do you think? Maybe I should still apply and see what happens. Were you done with all prereqs when you applied the first time?

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    I went for it last year. I didn't have either AP I, II, Dev Psych and Math and still got called for the interview. I went with the "que será, será" attitude and it kind of worked for me in a way that at least I could learn from my mistakes. If you are already thinking of entering only in 2014, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised. I would encourage you to try, you have nothing to lose really. You don't need to pay again for the second time you apply and you also don't have send all the documents again. But aside for that, I have to say that having all the prereqs done play very little in the whole thing. Having a great personal statement (make sure yours is reviewed by a lot of good people) and great recommendation letters is what got me the interview, I am sure.
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    Hmm... the seed is planted I'm going to think about it a bit more. How was your GRE score? I'm a little concerned about my dusty algebra skills but I'm sure I can fix that.

    How does applying for the second time work? Do you just resend the application form?

    Thanks for the encouragement... I might go for.
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    I just emailed them saying that I wanted to apply again, that's it, no need for a second formal application. Now when November comes along, I'll send a new resumé, personal statement and updated transcripts.My gre was ok, around the mid 600 for both, but I hate math and English is not my first language, so I think that was the best ill ever get haha Are you in the Seattle area? There's a guy who teaches a brief gre prep at the UW with TONS if great tips and tricks. The classes were great for me who just needed to brush up - I finished high school in 1994 and only took statistics at the UW. Oh well, I'm taking the required college algebra now. Can't run away from it forever, right? Don't hesitate to keep asking questions, you should totally do it!! But start moving now since the scores take several weeks to be sent.
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    I do live in Seattle and am interested in that GRE prep course if it can fit into my schedule. Is it a class at the UW or does he just teach it to independent students? Can you give me more info on it and how to sign up?

    I'm getting excited
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    I am the uw right now but will look for his info when I get home. He teaches independently. Talk to you soon!
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    Tessa, I did a quick google search a found many uw prep courses thatMight interest you, just google "uw gre prep course" . The one I took was Mark Wahl, I think (I'll confirm at home and try to guide you through this). I would suggest that you pick a few and compare, maybe look for reviews online. Sometimes the instructors teach at colleges and you might find more info if you google their name or look at rate my I liked the one I took and also took an algebra refresher with him. It's fast paced but I think what it was worth was the info about how to tackle each question. However I think that the books like Gre Baron's have a lot of tip about that too, so you might be able to only take the cheap refresher course or none. Mark does not go through everything at all, just goes through common problems and hang ups and stuff that's going to be at the test. He also explains how it is critical to get the earlier questions right, etc.

    My suggestion: go to Barnes and noble and get one book that you like and start practicing at home. It's easy, I promise. Start memorizing the words because the English test is totally crazy in my opinion hahah. But the essay is easy, I did really well, the crucial thing about my essay was to think out of the box and cover every possibility.Then you take the course if you feel you need the extra info. These short courses are for people who already have studied, I think. It might seem redundant but at least it validated my strategies and taught me some ways of doing the questions fast, which is what I needed. It is timed, and time is always my worst enemy.

    Ugh, I'm sorry I made so made mistakes, I'm on my iPhone inside a moving vehicle hahah
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    Thanks Calinca! I got a book and will be looking it over soon! I'll look up this Mark guy and see what else is out there. Thanks for the suggestions!
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    When you say earlier that you bombed the interview, what was it like? I haven't interviewed yet for any of my 2013 applications and I am nervous about what to expect for the interviews.
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    Truth is: most people are super nervous!

    You are interviewing with one or two people and it's a very simple, 8-question format. Same questions for everyone, so take that into consideration when you write your personal statement. Many people felt they had stuff to say but they didn't either have the opportunity (nobody asked them) or no time (everybody agreed that 30 min felt almost rushed). There's nothing tricky. They don't ask "tell me about yourself" or anything crazy like "if you're an animal, what would you be?", the questions are the same for everybody in your specialty, so there's nothing very personal that you have to say, like explain grades or nothing really out of the box. Questions are more like how to solve conflict, why you will be an ideal candidate and why SU is a good school for you.

    There are tons of posts about that in the 2011 and 2012 threads, hope that helps!
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