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Anyone already applying at Seattle U? Which track? I haven't finished my pre-req's, so I am probably not too competitive this year, but I am going to apply anyway. I am applying for the nurse-midwife track and my background is... Read More

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    Hi guys,
    I'm also applying to Seattle U's accelerated program. I graduated last December from SMU with a music education degree, and I am taking nursing prerequisites this fall and in the spring. What I have seen with almost all of these programs is that the prerequisites must be completed by the time the program starts, which means you can still work on them in the spring for a summer start date. Since all of these programs have different prerequisites, I am taking a full load this and next semester to get them all in by the end of the spring (a&p 1&2, chem 1&2, microbio, nutrition, dev psych, statistics). So Calinca, I wouldn't be too worried.

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    Thanks wpolorocker!

    If anyone is in Seattle, I saw that either South Seattle CC or Seattle Central have all the prerequisites online. Even anatomy - with labs all day on Saturday. I am wondering if anyone took these.
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    I didn't work in education, I immediately enrolled back in school to take science courses after finishing my degree. I am taking organic chem and anatomy right now, and next semester I am taking microbio and anatomy 2. Probably nutrition as well. What's everyones back up plan if not offered admission? What brought everyone to Seattle U? Is it the only place you are applying?
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    I am not working right now, I had two babies in the last two years. (and I have a 9 year old). So my plan if I am not offered admission is to try to figure out what I can do to increase my chances for the next round. I used to work in pathology research but I am not sure if I want to go back to research or not, or if there will be something else that I can do that will make the transition from microbiology to nursing easier.

    I live in the Seattle area so Seattle U was the obvious choice. I am not applying anywhere else either because as much as I really want to get in (even if it takes years) I still need to put my family first. I am 34, 3 kids, my husband is the sole bread winner and we just bought a house. Two years ago I would have uprooted our family and moved, now.. not so much.

    I am not even religious but the more I read about Seattle U, the more I love it. I will get in when the time is right.

    What about you all?
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    Good for you Calinca! With that attitude you will definitely get in Whats your track?
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    I love Seattle and plan on working in the pacific northwest, so Seattle U is a top choice for me. I've applied to several other direct entry programs, as well. I haven't really started my app yet for Seattle U, the other programs are taking up my time. The app for this program isn't due until December, right?
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    Dec 1st, myelin.
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    Quote from Barbaraleev
    Good for you Calinca! With that attitude you will definitely get in Whats your track?

    Hehehe. Hope so, let's see! I am applying to CNM.
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    I'm applying to the APNI 2012 cohort for the Midwifery. I have not completed all my pre-reqs either, how many do you have?
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    Hi everyone! I am in the 2011 cohort. After applying my 3d time last year I finally was accepted! I used this website a lot and a 2010 cohort member joined and was able to answer questions for us which I found extremely helpful. Feel free to ask Q's if you'd like (:
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