Samuel Merritt FNP Fall 2018 - page 5

Hey Everyone! Just starting a new post to keep us all updated for this cycle :) Has anyone started or submitted their application yet?... Read More

  1. by   TashaBS
    I also haven't received the email either
  2. by   FNPtobesg
    Check your spam. My confirmation email was there.
  3. by   TashaBS
    I got it, thanks so much!
  4. by   figureskating_nurse
    I was super anxious that there was no longer hope... but I got a call for interviews this past Friday. I look forward to meeting some of you and best of luck to everyone!
  5. by   oacmomRN
    I applied and got accepted to FNP online program.. Have you heard anything?
  6. by   cldimala
    How's everyone been doing on awaiting decisions? Did anyone happen to remember by when we would hear back from SMU regarding decisions?
  7. by   Vegan yogi warrior
    Me too !! congrats!! Are you starting in July ?
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  8. by   Vegan yogi warrior
    OacmomRN I got in too, where do you live ?
  9. by   oacmomRN
    Los Angeles. You?
  10. by   oacmomRN
    July? No. May. Exactly which program will you be starting?
  11. by   seahorse87
    is anyone else accepted into SMU FNP program starting fall 2018? or know if there us a facebook group? thanks!
  12. by   FNPTOB2018
  13. by   Jazminwise
    Hey, has anyone got off the waitlist for FNP? I've heard more people were starting to move up on the listz