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I have applied to SLU's psych NP program for spring 2013. Is anyone applying or attending this online university? Looking to connect with others who are either planning to attend or have experience... Read More

  1. by   sduplayee
    I was thinking of applying to the FNP program for Spring 14. I have been accepted into the Fall 13 FNP program at Maryville, but it will not start until October due to my transfer class. This means I have to pay out of pocket for Fall and they can't change that. SLU requires less classes and credit hours. I was wondering if it would be better, but they will not give me a sample schedule for someone starting in the Spring. Does anyone have one?
  2. by   KristyCardinal
    Hello all, I have just completed my application to SLU for Fall 2014 for their FNP program. I had to ask them to add Wyoming to the list of accepted we'll see. I'm an ER/ICU nurse.....graduated in 1995 from Washburn U in KS.....Thank you all for posting opinions etc in here.
  3. by   canchaser
    Its not about SLU accepting your state... The boarr of nursing is the ine who must recognize slu. Then they would be able to accept students from tgr state.
  4. by   KristyCardinal
    I work with a FNP here in Wyoming that graduated from I am thinking I should be ok.