RN to Nurse practitioner, how long does it need?

  1. I was accepted to an accerelated BSN program ( 15months)starting from fall 2009. My goal is to become a primary care provider, NP or PA. my question is : should i go to this BSN program and then get MSN while working as a RN or should I apply for PA school (maybe start Fall next year if I can get in, but I haven't applied yet). Both need 2-3 years, maybe MSN need longer time. I hope to work as PCP as soon as possible.

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  3. by   jer_sd
    Assuming you have all prerecs PA might be faster. You can complete a PA programin under 3 years at some schools. For NP you are looking at 15 months for a BSN then 2-3 years for a MSN. Take a look at your local options. Often the shorter PA programs require health care experience.
  4. by   agustinob
    I have an associate degree in nursing with 1 yr of experience as an RN. I would like to know about any college that would offer classes online so that I can get my NP certification. Does anybody know how long would it take, and how much money are those colleges charging? Thanks for your help on this issue. agustinob@yahoo.com
  5. by   SCSTxRN
    You might look at the frontier school - I think they require 1 year of experience for their NP program, and it's about 3500 a semester, according to their info.
  6. by   joanney
    Can anyone give me the names of schools in NY that offer RN-MSN program. I am an RN without a BSN and looking to go to school early next year. I would link to do NP OR MSN- education. Would appreciate any feedback. Can email me at mestikq@aol.com. Thanks in advance
  7. by   mtsteelhorse
    Do you want to specifically attend a brick and mortar school in NY or on-line program? there are many RN-MSN programs bot NP and education. There are private, state, etc programs. There are bridge programs for ADN nurses to earn a MSN. You usually take about 7+ courses then move into the master's portion of the curriculum. This forum as a ton of information on distance education as well as traditional schools. If you're interested in on line I recommend going to the distance education forum under students. Good luck, you've come to a very supportive place!
  8. by   AGCT
    I am an IEN working as a RN in Ontario Province, How can i take MSN and upgrade to NP,advise please.