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Hi all! So, I have a Bachelors in Psychology and some Graduate courses in Social Work for my MSW. However, I want to switch careers to a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. In order to do so I need to receive my RN from a... Read More

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    I was in a RN-MSN program for one course. I realized the end result was not what I wanted. The disappointing part of the program was there was no RN-BSN along the way towards the MSN. It would seem you would have to get the RN portion (NCLEX) before you could go on to the MSN so I'm optimistic for you. I sure hope it works out!

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    Also be sure to check with your State Board of Nursing to see if you can get a RN license from an online pre-licensure program. Many states do not recognize online programs where you learn how to be a RN and will not let you get a RN license in that state as a new grad.

    Be sure you can actually practice as a RN before you take out tens of thousands of dollars in loans.
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    Very good point. I know that UMASS is recognized in my area and that when you get the certificate, it does not specify wether ot not you were on campus or online. They do that at a few campuses in the area. Unfortunately, i just cannot find one that offers a part time program or an online program to get my RN first. Anything after the RN can be achieved online.
    I did check with Northeastern in Boston, as specified in the last posts, and they only offer the BSN, you cannot get your ADN along the way and the program is full time, although online. Also, clinicals are in the Boston area and further into Mass, not in your current area. I am in Maine, about 1 hour from Boston, not too bad, but the full time program woudl not work with 40 hours a week at my job. still trying to figure this out!
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    University of Texas at Arlington Academic Partnership has an online RN program where you do clinicals in your area. I am in their RN-BSN program now, it is work.. but it is do-able.

    You might also look into something called an "accelerated BSN program". It would mean not working, but you're an RN at the end of it.

    One of the universities here has an Accelerated BSN Weekend option - you go Friday, and clinicals Saturday and Sunday.

    There are options - just got to know what you want.
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    "One of the universities here has an Accelerated BSN Weekend option - you go Friday, and clinicals Saturday and Sunday. "
    Can you tell me where this university is? I don't know if you meant "here" as in Maine
    I am going to have to look into the University of Texas online RN would be perfect. That is what I need, just can't find it anywhere! I need to work full time while going back, so this would be up my alley! I am going to look into it! TY so much!
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    Texas Women's University is the weekend program I'm familiar with here (in Texas) - Weekend Program - TWU College of Nursing - Texas Woman's University

    I don't know how far it is from your part of Maine to this part of Maryland, but I also found
    Online Nursing Program Overview

    Boston, MA - BHCC - Weekend Nursing Program

    Didn't find any in Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire.

    Good luck.
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    Im hoping I can get some advice. I would appreciate it so much!
    So, I have a BA in Business Admim with a minor in Psychology. I am also a RN. I am looking at online RN-MSN programs that will give me a degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health NP. Where do you suggest I go to school! Is this a smart career path to follow vs. a general NP? I would like to get my degree online. What do you suggest???

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