Psych NP/grad courses online-Patho, Pharm, Assessment

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    Hi!!!..I currently live in Texas-not friendly to NPs (prescriptive authority) but hopefully things will change soon. I am in the process of applying to USA BSN-MSN Psych NP program for summer/fall 2013 and I know that they do allow up to 12 credits for transfer. I have a few questions if anyone can help.

    1) Is anyone currently enrolled in USA program who can share their experience?

    2) Has anyone taken or enrolled in online grad Patho, Pharm, or N. Assessment at any of these schools who can recommend the best school to do these prerequisites?

    Liberty University, Weber State, Uni of Neb, UMAss, Uni of Colorado, Indian state, Samuel Merritt.

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    I just checked with Liberty yesterday. They no longer offer individual courses for non-degree seeking students. I was bummed because their courses are 8 weeks. Could knock out 2 in a semester. Anyone know of another option?
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    Thats a bummer because liberty U was at the top of my list. I need to register for one of those classes ASAP for this Jan. because I would like to lessen the load when I start Psych NP in the fall. Lets hope others will share their experience...
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    I know...same here. Liberty was my top pick also. I'm going to check into Walden and Saint Joseph's in Maine.
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    Okay, so far I have found a few:

    1) Umass boston-Feb 4-Mar 10
    Pharm, Patho, Assessment- like $1500 per class
    proctored exam

    2) University of nebraska-lincoln. Selfpaced
    Pathphys. 4 crdts/proctored

    3)St. Joseph college of Maine. Selfpaced
    Patho, Pharm, Nur Assessment
    They have tuition installment plan spread over the term of the course

    4) Webber State U. Selfpaced. (i think). Non degree
    Patho, Pharm-$212pc/h. Classes start on Monday

    I just have a day or two to continue looking for other options and make up my mind.....just a few questions.
    Has anyone taken any of these classes at either of these schools?
    Have you ever taken two of these classes together-if so which two would you recommend?....T.Y!!!
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    Did you speak with a real person at St. Joe's? Is the UMass that short of a course? Wow. I went to the UMass online website and the courses were 12 weeks...ugh. Was hoping for 8-10 weeks. I'm trying to find which one is best for the online learner. Keep me posted and I'll do the same.
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    Sorry error on UMASS. it is FEB-May (I will double check tom) . Did not speak with a life person at St. Joe-will call them tom. I spoke with someone at Webber.... Time is running out n classes will start soon, just wished someone else knows what we don'
    BTW did you get any info on Walden?
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    No prob....I believe it's Feb -May 10. Ugh. Was hoping for something shorter or self-paced. I couldn't find any grad classes at Weber so if you did please direct me. What did they say about the format? Proctored sites or web cam? Length of course? Man, you'd think some of the private or for profit universities would offer these as a money makers. Did not speak to Walden but will try. Called St Joe's but they were closed for the day. I have a very busy work day today so not sure how much I'll get done. Please feel free to PM if you want...can share email. I'll try to check in later. There's got to be a solution!
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    From St. Joe's website:

    "Non-matriculated students may take up to 6 credits (two 3-credit courses). Students interested in additional courses must first be admitted to a graduate program of study, or must obtain approval from the program director."
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    rajan2, I called St. Joe''s a no go. They do not offer individual courses for their nursing program. Super bummed. I have discovered you have to call and speak to someone...can't go by the website.

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