Pre-Interveiw FREAK OUT!!!!

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    Am I stressing too much about my PNP/DNP interview tomorrow. I think I'm prepared, but afraid I will loose my train of thought because I'm so nervous and come across as a bumbling idiot! I know the interview is important, but am I putting too much pressure (which leads to anxiety) on myself????? I can't wait until its over! Anyone else stress this much over interviews????
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    I am waiting to get an MSN school interview, so I am in a pre-stressed out to stressed out situation!!! When will they let me know?! It's definitely a mind freak experience, so I feel for you deeply.

    You will do fine. I think it's ok to bring a cheat sheet with you to the interview, disguised as a list of questions for the interviewer. I did that to my last job interview and I got that job. I had a copy of my resume and essay, so I had it with me for reference. They know that you're nervous. Just take deep breaths and do your best. I will send you positive vibes.
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    thanks my interview was friday. i did have some "typical" questions and answers written out. the interview was via skype and i had the notes open in another window lol. i felt like the interview went well, but im still not optimistic. we'll see. hope you get your interview will do great!
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