Passed AANP for FNP. Tips from my personal experience - page 4

This is just from my personal experience. Materials: 1. Both APEA and Fitzgerald disks (a classmate and I exchange them when we were done with the disks). Fitz-Excellent medication review for each system, but a lot of... Read More

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    Nope been checking all day, maybe tomorrow.

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    I hope so too!! I hate that I can't apply to the board until I have that number. I will be working at a family practice and they already have patients waiting for me! I am so anxious (and scared) to start... Do you have something lined up already?
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    Not yet. This area wants a year of experience. I have heard from 2 hospitals that say they will be setting up interviews soon.
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    [color=#000]no haven't heard anything yet. i took this exam on the 8th and they got my transcript a week later. so i should have it by now. if i don't hear anything tomorrow i am going to call again.. ughghhghghghhgh.. needing to get to work!!! thanks for keeping me informed.. i like having someone to go back and forth with.

    good luck and keep me posted!

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    Hope you guys get your numbers soon. My official transcritps were sent to them Monday and I take the test today in less than 2 hrs. Heart in throat. Taking a deep breath and going for it!
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    Tinabeanrn Your going to do great!! Thinking of you! Prayers for ya. Let us know how it goes!
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    FINALLY GOT MY NUMBER.. now to hurry up and wait for the state stuff
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    Alright Tinabeanrn.. waiting to see how you did!
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    I PASSED THE AANP! I AM OFFICIALLY A BOARD CERTIFIED FNP!!!!! Praise God!!! That was a bear of a test ;')
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    you user name now needs to read TinabeanNP
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