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This is just from my personal experience. Materials: 1. Both APEA and Fitzgerald disks (a classmate and I exchange them when we were done with the disks). Fitz-Excellent medication review for each system, but a lot of... Read More

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    Thanks so much.. Its still unbelievable!!! When are you taking yours???
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    Okay so a long post. But I wanted to share my preparation with everyone as well, I know when I was preparing it just made me feel better!!
    I found the exam straight forward, yet challenging as well. However, I truly put in TONS of effort at preparation. I probably flagged about 20-25 question s that I wanted to review at the end. I was able to narrow all my questions down to 2 answer choices which was a great feeling. You are also able to go back and forth to other questions if you want to. Take notes, some of the questions had material (lab values, assessment data) that I was able to apply to other questions

    I just wanted to share with everyone how I prepared:

    -APEA – I reviewed her book, plus I have her book of questions. I wound not recommend this on its own though.
    -Fitzgerald – CD’s and Certification review questions (2010 version)
    -Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive review fast facts and questions (2008, Maria Leik from Springer Publishing, $38.00) Highly recommend. I read this book in a weekend and then worked on the questions .. I think there are 500 in this book. And yes there are a few typos, but still worth it! If you get it from Springer publishing I think some of the typos have been fixed. I also read a new one will be coming out in 2012 sometime.
    - Necessary NP, 1000 Questions by Kellerman ($80.00 and worth every penny) she gives great detail in the rationale. Really liked this one! Lots of things in there that I was not aware of before I began studying and I am pleased to say I believe a couple concepts that I knew were because of this book!!)
    -I did the AANP practice exam 75 questions ($50.00) Does not tell you the right answer only if you are right or wrong. Have a pen and paper so you can write things down, they don’t let you review your questions. I paid for this exam a second time to see if I improved and if the questions changed. The questions did not change, but I must have learned the concepts because I went from a 77 to 93.
    -I also purchased 5 tests from AANP-FNP online. I found this to be geared more toward ANCC but if you can get through those these were pretty good questions.
    -I also did a second APEA test , the one like we did in class.. I was not pleased with how I scored and wanted to see if I could improve. Some of the questions I think were repeated from some of the questions I had on the class exam.

    I cannot stress enough to start doing your questions if you haven’t started. The exam is not to trick you, remember it is to test your basic knowledge as a new nurse practitioner. I do not think I could have over studied and my energy, time, and maxing out my CC was worth it..
    Remember assessment class…. THIS IS A BIG area of concentration on the exam!!

    Good Luck to you all…..
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    Mercedes674 whats your email??
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    Very Helpful LHendon. I am gonna order the Necessary NP you recommended. I can't see myself spending $50 for 75 questions with the AANP. Thank you so very much for posting this. Much much much appreciated!
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    I PASSED the AANP!!!!
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    OMG!! Really!! I didn't even know you were taking it? What? When? Congrats!!! Details please!!!!!!
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    Thanks!!! I scheduled it this week so I took it today. It really wasn't hard at all. APEA materials, Leik, a general review are what I recommend.
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    Yeppie! I cant even wait to take mine. I am so so proud of you! Have you been applying for jobs?
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    I have applied for several positions but, I haven' t heard back from them yet. Good luck on your exam!!!
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    Quote from MERCEDES674
    I PASSED the AANP!!!!
    My goodness, you're on a roll. A big fat congratulations. BTW, today was my last day of class. Next week I graduate.
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