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Hello, I have been admitted to Ohio University's online FNP program for Spring 2013. the semester is supposed to start January 14. I have been very excited about this program, although there were some issues along the way.... Read More

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    Quote from sofla98
    Britt, were you in the program as well? So far this is what has happened over the last week:______________. NOTHING!!!

    I was informed this evening that the grade was changed...But to what, I have no idea because the same grade is still posted.

    I also requested to know what the other students in my "group" got on their final papers. Why we are doing group work at this level of education is BEYOND me. I'm sorry, but when I routinely get A's on all my papers and have had papers used as examples of not only awesome writing but impeccable APA format, I know that I can write a decent paper in my sleep and an outstanding one with a bit of effort, lol! The final paper for the one class was a grouper, and I kept telling the self proclaimed (total brown nosing, PIA, nancy nurse type) leader that there were several formatting issues and basic grammar mistakes made, she got REALLY upset and went off on a tangent in an email to me. I can only imagine what she sent to the professor. I wrote my own paper (the syllabus/rubric did not say ONE paper per group) and turned it in. In theory if there is only one paper per group, then we ALL should have the same grade, right??? Well, I just got a very nasty response after spending five freaking hours rewriting that train wreck (I'm still not sure who even wrote it, I think someone just copy and pasted everything from the DB posts ) that there is only one paper per group. I call BS on that, especially at this level of education!!!

    This has been a total PIA. This is the first time I have had an issue at OU and it has been a total nightmare to get fixed. Not to mention, the spring semester started today. I am still not registered for the first class for the semester and now am a day behind everyone else!

    I am looking into other schools. The schools near me (U.C.) don't have a good rep at all. In fact, I don't know ONE person that has gone there or is a current student there that has one good thing to say about their program!
    D-, lol. The one guy said he left me a voicemail today, whic.
    When you said "UC", are you talking about University of Cincinnati? I was considering them, but they were just too pricey.
    Sorry to hear about all your troubles with OU. They are such a disaster

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    Yes, I was talking about UC. The people I know in that program are not happy with it at all.

    Ohio U is a disaster. A total waste of money, time, and energy...I have gotten no where with them. So, I guess I will have to make a formal request through the dean for my grade change.
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    sofla98, I doubt even the dean would change anything. This entire school is messed up. They lie to you in order to get you to be quiet, then don't change anything. I was accepted into the program, I was supposed to start this week. They ignored me for over two weeks, then ensured I would be placed on the waiting list. The director of the program told me that the students who were starting clinicals (maybe the class ahead of you?) could not get clinical hours ANYWHERE. She stated that they were starting to push students back a semester because the other students were having so much trouble getting clinical hours. She would not explain why the students could not get clinical hours, and I don't understand it. You can now attend OU if you live in Ohio, WV, and Kentucky I believe. That's at least three states worth of clinical sites. I live in a small town in Ohio, and I truely doubt that there's a ton of NP students trying to get clinical hours in my area. So, are places just not accepting OU students, or is there more behind this? I am wondering if this is what they did to you as well, since they are trying to cut down the class sizes. I think that they accepted too many students and are unable to assist them with clinical sites. In order to have a graduating class, they would rather push some students out instead of not graduating any students since they could not get clinical hours. I am told I have a reserved seat in the next semester, but I don't think I am going to take it.
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    Hi sofla98, I was wondering if you could elaborate on why the people you know in UC's program are not happy with it. It is one of my options for online FNP - just wondering since I haven't heard anything negative about it so far. Thanks
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    I was asked "Is this legal", surely not but until we as consumers take a stand then it'll continue to happen... The bottom line with Ohio University and any on-line FNP program is to ensure that they have the state agreement go to this link for more information and follow the breadcrumbs Court Deals Second Blow to Federal State Authorization Regulation « WCET Frontiers also look at the SHEOO website. Ohio keeps pushing back clincal start dates in hopes that they will get the state authorization for the remaining students from their first class which I was apart of.

    Listen if you are not from Ohio, WV or KY don't apply to Ohio University and don't continue to be pacified by their "we're working on it" be pro-active and protect your time, money and learning. Walden University do not accept students from my state of FL and my friend from Texas that was apart of the first 25 inquired a few months back and they told her no. Understand that if you contact your state board of nursing their concerned about "Accredidations not State agreements" two totally different entities...

    Just like they as for copies of our credentials feel free to ask them!
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    Quote from mtsteelhorse
    I have heard Walden is a diploma mill because of the ease of admissions. I just spoke with someone there and I'm not getting that impression. It sounds fairly rigorous. All instructors are PhD prepared. Practicum hours total 576. They are CCNE accredited. They are NOT brick and mortar. Does that matter? I don't know. They are a "for profit" school, yet their tution is WAY less than many and includes books. Cost is about $23,000 for everything. Classes are 12 week qtrs with a week break in-between. The first intro course is 6 weeks long; must maintain 3.0 in program. Overall their retention rate for nursing programs is 96%, however the NP tracks are new so no real data on that. Would love to hear more about it but I guess that's for another thread. I just wanted to follow up on my previous post. Personally, I would NOT attend OU because there are so many other options and they can be so flakey.
    Hi, just curious about walden's tuition fee, is $23,000 the RN to MSN NP track or BSN to MSN NP track? Pls let me know. Thanks

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    That $23,000 is for the BSN-MSN NP track.
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    Quote from mtsteelhorse
    That $23,000 is for the BSN-MSN NP track.
    Thanks for the response :-).

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