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So different than what I imagined grad school to be :( This is a brand new program, first FNP program that Bradley has done ever and they chose to do it online. The are outsourcing the program to a... Read More

  1. by   kvisintine
    JenMacBSN... did you end up starting your program at Bradley? If so how is it? I'm applying for the Fall 16 semester
  2. by   obiwanjj
    ANyone have FB on Bradley Online FNP program? I see a lot of people asking and being accepted and then I never see anything after that! Haha is the FNP program that all encompassing...? I am starting in the Jan 2017 FNP certificate program (I have my MSN). I also see remarks about not being accredited, but I see them listed as of Oct 2015 being accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

    Appreciate any and all FB!

  3. by   msteeleart
    Anyone that has started this program will you please give me some feedback on it? I am thinking about applying at Bradley.
  4. by   jennyrnbsn
    I am a little more than halfway through the MSN FNP online program at Bradley. What questions do you have?
  5. by   msteeleart
    Do you like it and how are the professors? Do they do Powerpoints and lectures or is it like a lot of schools that tell you to go read 100 pages and then write a paper? Are you glad you picked Bradley? I know there are some other schools where the students say to run far away so I just want to make sure I pick a good school.
  6. by   JewelRNBSN

    Do you feel there is quality in the course content? Have you heard any information regarding Board pass rates? I am not able to find anything online.

    What do you like like most about the program?
    What should be improved?
    Does the school seem well organized?

    Thank you for your feedback. As you know, school is a big investment. I hope to make the best possible choice.
  7. by   grosario1013
    Hey Jenny! How did this go for you? I'm contemplating applying for the FNP masters program. I'd love to hear about it
  8. by   JanetFNP2b
    I just spoke with an admission representative from the school. I asked about outsourcing and he stated that he is in Arizona. Outsourcing this portion of admission is not a bad idea. Most companies do that, however, we need more information on the main program itself. Thanks
  9. by   LPetty
    Hi Jennyrnbsn,

    How do you like the program so far?

  10. by

    I am currently enrolled at Bradley University (started Aug. 2016) and like the program. The 8 week classes are great, you just have to keep pace, which I often work a few weeks ahead of the due date of my assignments. The professors are reasonable in their assignment, the quality is pretty good, it all depends on the professors with writing papers, but expect to have to write one in at least one class. I think that they don't ask too much, but there is quite a bit of reading (but it is a Master's program, so this is to be expected). I would like the program to be shorter than 3 years, more like 2 years would be enough for me, but I can't complain (not even with the financial aid dept, which can be hit and miss at some schools). I think the hardest thing will be finding preceptors but it seems that a lot of FNP schools (especially online ones) have that problem. Overall, I'm glad I chose them and am going here. I hope that helps you out and maybe we will have a class together. Good luck!!!!
  11. by   fohlb0
    I am in Bradley University. To frank I have not been impressed with them. The Statistics class is so hard that I had to withdraw from it, and "my advisor" in Arizona said that she had the same conversation with several people that day. Here's my concern, if the class is so hard that half the class has to withdraw then something is wrong with the class not the students- I would understand if I was not doing the work, however that was not the case. I was told that you could easily manage with a full time job- also not the case. Not to mention if you have kids, and other obligations. I think I am going to be looking at different programs I am only in one semester and don't want to waste any more of my time.
  12. by   bcaball4
    Yes I'm also trying to enroll... can I get some input from someone going to Bradley University NP program?
  13. by   ttaylor737
    Currently attend. My advise is to find a program that finds your preceptors. This is the most stressful part and they offer no help at all!