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I am 3 months pregnant. I have 2 yrs of college. I want to ultimately be an fnp in public/community health. Should I A) Finish bsn prereqs. Go for bsn. Work as RN then do msn. B) Get bachelors in non-nursing field. Go for... Read More

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    Hmmm...I'd do pre-reqs at the community college and then transfer for the BSN program. Save the money and stress of commuting so you can enjoy the process AND your pregnancy which is so very important. I personally loved community college. It all counts towards your end goal.I know what it's like to have this sort of thing weighing so heavy on your mind. You just want to get on with it! Can you get your ADN at this community college? Then get your BSN on line or do you want to get your BSN up front?

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    Id like bsn upfront since it will be 4 semesters for me either way. But iim going to just apply everywhere n see what happens.
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    Good point. Get crackin' on those pre-reqs at the CC just make sure they transfer. Sometimes you can take, say micro at a CC but the hours are short of what the Univ wants. Best wishes getting the ball rolling!
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    Thank u

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