Midwestern State University online PMHNP program

  1. Anyone know much about it? Pros...cons...?
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  3. by   TheOldGuy
    Sent you a pm.....
  4. by   Babbott72
    Got your msg... Sent back a pm. Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   Inspiration.
    Hey! Have you guys applied to this program??
  6. by   JSWH-RN
    Also looking for information on this program. Anything appreciated.
  7. by   SCSTxRN
    I have heard, from someone whom I consider to be a very reliable source, that they would go to school in Alaska with on site visits required 3 days per week before repeating MSU's program. Actually... I've heard that from more than just one person.

    That being said, full disclaimer - I'm not an MSU NP fan anyway.
  8. by   foxyhill21
    Just out of curiosity... What is wrong with msu?
  9. by   BlessedOne83
    I have applied to this program to start in the fall. I would like to have more details before I move forward. Any information positive or negative is welcomed and appreciated.
  10. by   Lily22
    Can you also send me a private message about Midwestern State University's PMHNP program and your experience in it? Thanks!
  11. by   annie_m
    you guys might also pm Dude, rn who has a thread down the page. He just finished with the program.
  12. by   Lily22
  13. by   mayo_23
    Did you end up starting at MWSU? How's it going so far? I'm thinking of applying for this fall.
  14. by   PMHNP to be
    TheOldGuy, can you PM me as well please? Thank you!