Midwestern State University online PMHNP program

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    Anyone know much about it? Pros...cons...?

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    Sent you a pm.....
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    Got your msg... Sent back a pm. Thanks!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey! Have you guys applied to this program??
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    Also looking for information on this program. Anything appreciated.
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    I have heard, from someone whom I consider to be a very reliable source, that they would go to school in Alaska with on site visits required 3 days per week before repeating MSU's program. Actually... I've heard that from more than just one person.

    That being said, full disclaimer - I'm not an MSU NP fan anyway.
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    Just out of curiosity... What is wrong with msu?
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    I have applied to this program to start in the fall. I would like to have more details before I move forward. Any information positive or negative is welcomed and appreciated.
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    Can you also send me a private message about Midwestern State University's PMHNP program and your experience in it? Thanks!
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    you guys might also pm Dude, rn who has a thread down the page. He just finished with the program.

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