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I'm so EXCITED that I have finally made it to my final semester of FNP school. It's been a long and hard road but I can finally see the light. lol All May 2012 graduates come on in!! What are your... Read More

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    Congrats on approaching the finish line! I'm curious which ACNP program you attended? Did you like it overall, or not? Very very busy and time consuming? Have you started looking into jobs after graduation? I am hoping to start U Penn's ACNP program this summer...would love to hear back from you! Take care!

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    We're almost done, we're almost done!
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    YAY!!!!!! Oh I love that song!!!!
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    What program did you guys attend? Do you have jobs or interviews lined up yet? Curious and excited for you all...!
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    I attend the University of St. Francis. I haven't set up any job interviews yet. I want my license first. 40 days and counting!!!
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    Mercedes thanks for the positive post! Love it~ I am graduating May 12th but my last day of class is April 24th so I have 28 more days of this sugar honey ice tea . I am so excited yet nervous at the same time. I feel pretty prepared. I know I will pass boards no problem. I just pray I find a good job that I love and am good at. That's one of my biggest fears. The job market is sorta sucky, but I have faith. It has been an extremely long 7 semesters but I can honestly say it went by quick! WOW, almost done guys!!!! YAY
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    I am an FNP student at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Va. I will be walking in May for commencement and going through hooding/pinning but will not be done until July (finishing last clinical).. Very excited that this is almost done. Have you guys determined what NP review you will be doing or if you are doing one?
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    I will use Maria Codina Leik & Margaret Fitzgerald Review book plus notes from class. A little bit of self discipline and healthy dose of diet and exercise. I will not take any review courses, really its a rip off anyway.
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    I am doing the APEA review. I agree its a lot of money for a review course but, I see it as an investment. I do have het CDs but I just want to sit through the class so it will all sink in.
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    22 days and counting!!!
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