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I haven't heard about any of these schools and don't know how credible they are. Any input would be great if you know about these fnp programs or currently attending. What is difficulty rate? Can i work full time as RN or do... Read More

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    Does anyone know what the retention rate is at Walden for the FNP program?

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    i am loving walden thus far
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    Has anyone heard of Maryville hiking up tuition after you start? I have heard from different places that they give you an original quote for the program FNP and every semester they hike up tuition. Is this true?
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    @donnapayne: I am working on my application with **** (and she is wonderful) with hopes of acceptance for this fall!!
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    I started out at Maryville but after one semester I transferred to Walden. So, far I love Walden (for the most part, there's always going to be little glitches). The teachers have been great and its laid out really well. The advisors don't always know what they are doing but otherwise no complaints. THere was a large group of us that transferred from Maryville to Walden at the same time. There was also a handful of Maryville students that would have switched if Walden's program had been approved in their state. I'm not trying to sway you one way or another, just letting you know our experience. Maryville's program is a newly online program and hopefully the glitches we ran into will be smoothed out for the next classes.
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    Also, both Maryville and Walden hiked up prices (from what I was originally quoted) after I started the program. However, Walden offered a 20% discount for current students so that was nice.
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    I started out at Walden and transfered to Maryville. I loved Walden, and will agree the program is laid out very well and classes run very smooth. However, they are not approved to opperate in many states because they are not approved/recognized by the board of nursing in the state that they operate in. Becuase of this I transfered to Maryville which is approved and accredited and recognized by the board of nursing in there respective state.
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    I am finishing my fourth quarter at Walden, and start clinicals in September. I have worked full time and taken two classes every quarter. It is challenging, but this will allow me to complete it in 18 months. The program is challenging, and leisure activities have been abandoned until I can finish school (again).
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    Getting ready to start Maryville in March and am a wee bit concerned about cost hikes and what sounds like maybe not a strong instructor base. Would appreciate reading updates on experiences from current students. I'm still going, just want to know what it's like!
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    I have been accepted into Maryville's May 2014 cohort.. I have been hearing a lot about the number of groupworks that they require. Would appreciate any insight into this. Thanks!

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