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So I got accepted into Maryville's Summer 2013 class that starts May 6. Woo Hoo!! I am so excited to start this adventure. Was wondering if anyone else was accepted into this class. Hoping to make... Read More

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    Enjoy your vacation while you have one because you will only get one every December. Look at your assignments ahead of time and ask your professor as much questions you need to understand the content.
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    Maryville is second on my choice list for FNP= so any current students what do you like/dislike about the program? I'm finishing up my BSN now (will be complete in Dec) with a conferral date for my BSN slated for feb 2014 so i'm looking at summer or fall start next year. Also been looking ad University of Cincinnati as well. =)
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    I am doing the program full time for FNP and will graduate in May 2015. My advice is to read everything!
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    My advice:
    Get acquainted with APA format. Make yourself a nice work station at home. Get ready to read a lot. Buy books early and start reading. Stay ahead on discussion boards. Be ready for many projects.

    Organization is improving.
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    What states are you new students from?
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    Do you all know if they do a conditional acceptance before BSN degree is conferred or will they not look at my application until Feb once my BSN degree is conferred? I finish my BSN capstone Dec 8th but it take Excelsior forever to confer the degree. Also those who are FT and those that are many classes do you take at a time, and how long is the total length of the program? How long is each class...10wks 12 wk etc?