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Has anyone been accepted into Maryville University for the Spring 2013 FNP class? I have been accepted!! Just seeing if anyone else has been as well. I am still waiting on my first choice, Frontier... Read More

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    I am in the FB group but there are only 3 members so far. Search for Maryville NP 2015. I hope this helps!
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    Not sure why I can't find the Facebook page but still no luck.

    I can only find the class of 2014 page and they won't add me to the group.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I'm not sure what the deal is with the 2015 FB page is. There are still only 3 members. We should get one working ASAP because school is about to start! I had my welcome call this morning and received the Nurs 600 syllabus. The D2L website is down for a couple days. I hope this isn't a dumb question, and it's probably explained in D2L, but does anyone know anything about the lectures in our courses? Like are they recorded and online and you can access them whenever?
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    I am still unable to find maryville np 2015 group on Facebook. Is it made public to search for? CBauer, To my understanding, there are no lectures per se. I know there will be AdobeConnect sessions, which is strictly to communicate with our instructor regarding assignments. I also saw your question on the other discussion board regarding clinical instructors. In the orientation, it states the requirements for a preceptor.

    A Preceptor is required for the MSN Clinicals. The Preceptor also:
      1. has to be a certified advanced practice nurse.
      2. has to have two years of experience as an advanced practice nurse.
      3. can be either a physician of internal medicine or family practice.
    copied from orientation information
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    I am also having difficulties finding the Facebook page. I have tried every variation of "Maryville NP 2015" that I can think of and no luck. Any suggestions? Like everyone else, I believe it is a wonderful idea.
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    this website deleted my link to the the Page--- you can look for me on Facebook- Tara Doran- I have sunglasses on and blondish hair in the pic.. then I can add you...
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    Is anyone else concerned that there are absolutely no breaks in between classes except for the winter one?
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    Im horrified! Its going to be killer having classes right after the next but I guess this is what we signed up for.
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    I seems like it's pretty intense from looking at the program schedule.

    What's got me more concerned is the grading.
    Anything below an 85 is a C.
    You can only get a C one time and then your out?!?

    I've never seen that before.
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    Quote from Pjmonkeyma
    this website deleted my link to the the Page--- you can look for me on Facebook- Tara Doran- I have sunglasses on and blondish hair in the pic.. then I can add you...

    Tara - I think I found you on Facebook. I did a friend request. (I'm listed as Tara Birke.) If I didn't pick the correct person, I guess someone out there will be thinking "Who is this crazy person!"
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    Hello All, I am also starting the FNP program at Maryville January 14th. I haven't communicated with anyone who is in the program. I am feeling nervous about starting, but I am excited at this same time. Let me know if it's ok for me to communicate with you all on facebook and I will send you a friend request. Thanks!
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    During my welcome call in 2012 I was informed that the instructors are required to have lectures. However, I am not sure that this was for all classes or just the Advance Practice classes, i.e. patho, assessment,....pharm.

    My first 3 classes (MSN Core Courses) did not have a lecture component.

    There is information available for each week under the course content tab.
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    I'm glad to see people are actually being accepted into the Maryville FNP program and wish everyone the best of luck. I applied to other programs in addition to Maryville so I am still waiting to find out where I may be obtaining my FNP. I have to say dealing with Maryville's Enrollment Advisor was nothing short of a nightmare. Their website does not make it clear that the RN to MSN track is not available as an online track. Having dealt with ******since Nov 2012, it would have been a helpful piece of information early on. She dragged me along for 3 months and made it sound like I was all but accepted, but the last question she asked was where I got my BSN - after 3 months of working with me on this. My application clearly says RN to MSN, I have no BSN but a BS in another discipline. If she had asked that at the outset of this battle, we wouldn't have taken 3 months to work on getting me admitted. She could never locate my transcripts no matter how many copies I sent. When I cc'd another person in her dept on the transcripts and pressed her on the issue, suddenly I got a straight answer and the transcripts magically appeared. She wouldn't answer a direct question on my admission status until I cc'd someone else. She wouldn't get back to me in a timely way. She lied about my portfolio being complete and submitted and all we had to do was wait for the good news. I dropped out of a BSN program because she made it sound like I was accepted to Maryville. Thank goodness I applied elsewhere and didn't put all of my eggs in that basket. She did not do her job. If I performed like that where I work, I would be fired. Apparently no one at that institution cares about her lack of customer service and the disrespectful and dismissive pattern of behavior. At the very least they need to revise the website admission criteria, but having said that, her job as Enrollment Advisor should be to check that item off the list THE FIRST DAY. We would have avoided this whole situation. What a waste of time, money and effort. Oh, I also have to say that ***************who is VP of the Adult/Online program never responded to any of my emails either. Really poor customer service overall, given the fact that applicants are making life altering decisions when it comes to advanced degrees.

    ******admin note as per site ToS/privacy do not post names of school personnel*****
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