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Maryville FNP Summer '12

  1. 0 Anyone starting this summer at Maryville in St. Louis, MO? I got accepted last week and sent in my intent to start. I'd love to meet someone else who's going to be going through it with me and get to know each other so we can study together and get through it together!
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    I am going to apply to this program! I would love to hear how it is. I am applying for Jan 2013...wish I could go sooner. Keep me posted!
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    I am also applying to Maryville for Sept '12 start date. Can I ask what you think set you apart in the application selection process? I'm curious about my chances of being accepted...

    And, CONGRATS to you!!
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    my start date is Aug 27 2012
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    I also start in August. I'm really excited. The passing rate is 100% so I'm thinking I have my
    work cut out for me. Maybe we can keep in touch and mentor each other through it.
    Are you working full time? I work in a busy ER and have to work full time, kids are grown, but I know it
    will be hard work.
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    @babykidrn that will be great I work full time two young kids but I am excited,nervous and determined. Yes lets keep in touch
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    lovenursing21 and babykidrn,

    I too start in August! I am trying to figure out how the classes are going to be presented. Any ideas?
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    Have you started yet?
    To the August starters,
    Have you learned anything about the program yet? I'm so anxious and curious.
    Can't wait to start but I want to be prepared too.
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    just found out i was accepted into the program staring in august. i have not heard much about which classes i will be taking. i turned in the intent to enroll form as well as completed my FAFSA form advisor stated they will be calling us soon in reference to the cohort and which classes to register for. super excited.just preparing now and trying to organize my schedule for 25-30 hours of school work so i guessing 3 hours a night may do for the week and more on the weekend.would like to find other students to have as study buddys to get through this program as well.
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    I am interested in applying to this program this fall. I know the deadline is quickly approaching. I live in Tennessee and the enrollment advisor told me I needed to make sure their program's clinical hours would be sufficient for practice in my state as an FNP after graduation and licensure. She said they always just tell everyone that. Does anyone know how to check this or since it is AACN is it safe for anyone in the country to attend this online program? Thanks!
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    since it is CCNE* I apologize for the typing error.