Loyola New Orleans DNP Summer/Fall 2013 - page 8

Has anyone applied to or has already been granted admission to Loyola BSN-DNP starting this summer/fall?If you are waiting on acceptance how long have you been waiting? If you are already accepted how was the admission process?... Read More

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    I also need lodging information the closest and safest too.

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    I am still doing a bit of research on the area as well. It looks like prices are a bit steep, but with commencement I guess that is to be expected. I will let you all know if I find anything reasonable!
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    I agreed! Saw several reasonable looking roomsbut the prices were a bit intimidating.
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    Congrats to everyone who got in! I am from Memphis, but very lucky that my best friend lives in New Orleans so I will be driving to Loyola each morning. I am anxious for them to go ahead and send more information about the week. I never got this video that you all are talking about, I would love to see it, my e-mail is layna.michalik@gmail.com.
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    Also, how are y'all going about paying for school? Loans.. etc?
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    Layna, have you joined Post-BSN-DNP New Orleans online FB group? Look it up! Many first cohorts are there and they can help us with questions you might have.
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    I was just about to mention the group! A friend who started last year set it up. Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks!
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    Hey I just requested to join it, who is the admin that has to allow me?
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    Hi, I don't know why I'm just finding this thread. I was accepted into the RN-DNP program at Loyola back in December. Whats the name of the facebook group so I can join. Also, I live in New Orleans so if anyone has questions about safe places to stay, I could help you out. I'm excited to get this started!
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    Type post-BSN-DNP of New Orleans. You should find the group page. It's a closed group so you will need to request to join in.

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