Loyola New Orleans DNP Summer/Fall 2013 - page 4

Has anyone applied to or has already been granted admission to Loyola BSN-DNP starting this summer/fall?If you are waiting on acceptance how long have you been waiting? If you are already accepted... Read More

  1. by   motherofhen
    How long did they say it would be before you would hear about admission? I'm beginning to think it will be closer to 3 weeks since they are still interviewing! They said 2-3 weeks during my interview.
  2. by   Katiemadden.rn
    Hi All -

    So happy to have found this message board via google. I interviewed in November and was accepted in December for the DNP FNP program. I am so very excited to get this adventure started. Good luck to those still waiting to hear. Hope to see all of y'all in May!
  3. by   Layna22
    Hey Katie, it won't let me send you another message for some reason, are you Facebook?
  4. by   dnt8178
    Have you heard anything yet? Just wondering since you interviewed a little before me. Do we know how they notify us...email or letter?
  5. by   dnt8178
    Welcome and congrats to you! I am waiting to hear if I have been accepted and the suspense is killing me!! I hope we find out soon. This will be such an exciting adventure.
  6. by   motherofhen
    I haven't heard a thing- totally going crazy and checking my email constantly. I know someone who got in last year who said it comes by email. We have already scheduled for may at work- of I do get in I'll have a lot of rearranging to do! Yet the longer it takes to hear the more nervous I get. dnt8178 did they tell you how long it would be before you heard?
  7. by   dnt8178
    Not really. She said the faculty had to meet in the next few weeks to give their recommendations then we should hear something. She said once the final decisions were made they would send more info on orientation. I hope it's soon my stomach is all knots now. Are you on Facebook? You guys send me a friend request so we can chat and try to stay motivated till we hear something. Myfacebook I'd is Deidre Walker Turner.
  8. by   Layna22
    I am Layna Hyde Michalik, y'all add me.
  9. by   Layna22
    Deidre, I am not finding you on Facebook.
  10. by   dnt8178
    Layna22 I just sent you a PM
  11. by   motherofhen
    I'm at work so can't access Facebook- wil look for y'all tonight.
  12. by   Born_2BRN
    Had my interview today so I'm in the cube of waiting too.
  13. by   motherofhen
    OMG if they are still interviewing then it could be a lot longer!! Now I am nervous about how I will make everything work if I do get in. How long did they tell you it would be?