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  1. by   WolverineRN
    PM me your email address associated with your FB acvount and I'll be happy to add you. Welcome, I'm in the DNP/FNP program too!
  2. by   phylycya
    Apparently I can't private message since I'm new to all nurses. Can you send me the name of the group on FB? Thanks
  3. by   baby_goat
    So, current Hopkins NP student here. I want to urge people to avoid choosing hopkins for their NP education. I'm unfortunately over the 50% mark or I would have switched schools.

    1. The focus is on research, not practice, so no one really cares how good you are clinically.
    2.The school is focused on making money, not high quality education so they turn through tons of students, don't support faculty who are excellent educators, and they don't care about the student well being at all.
    3. If you choose to go here you must be excellent at self directed learning because there is almost zero teaching that occurs in the classroom.
    4. Clinical placements while they will find them for you, the quality hugely varies and there is no promise that you will get a good site where the instructors is good at educating you or a site where you are essentially just seeing patients for the provider in order to maximize the number of patients they can see.

    I'll admit that I am fed up with this program but all my attempts to give feedback to professors and administration are often met with resistance or downright hostility. The name, Hopkins, really lets people think they can do whatever they want and not answer to anyone for it.
  4. by   RNCH
    Congrats to accepted applicants! I applied late but got my acceptance yesterday into the DNP-CNS program for
    Fall, 2017. Any other late entries for fall cohort?
  5. by   WolverineRN
    I created a FB group for the DNP program, if you are interested in joining, PM me you email address associated with your FB account and I'll add you.
  6. by   RNCH
    I just signed up and can't send PM:/
  7. by   WolverineRN
    I have sent you an invite to the FB page called: "JHU DNP Advance Practice Fall 2017 Start"
  8. by   RiaC
    Hi there,

    I know this thread is old, but I was wondering if any of the accepted students had information regarding scholarship, financial aid, and/or other ways they covered the cost of the DNP program? Also any tips or advice for the interview would be greatly appreciated! I have mine coming up and I'm beyond nervous!

  9. by   WolverineRN
    Hi. Unfortunately, there appears to be almost zero scholarships from them for DNP, but I encourage you to look for scholarships outside of school. They will advise you slightly on that. They do offer student loans and my student loans are covering the FULL tuition. Also, they advised us not to work our first semester and honestly now I understand why. Some people are working, but it is rough. It depends on your track though. Hope that helps! For the interview, be yourself, be calm and confident, you'll do fine if you got this far. I thought I BOMBED my interview and I got in.
  10. by   RiaC
    Thank you so much for your response! I am applying to the AG primary care DNP with HIV certification. I also read in an earlier post that you were accepted to Columbia as well. I am also thinking of applying to Columbia. Would you mind sharing your reasons why you chose JHU over Columbia?
  11. by   WolverineRN
    I was accepted to Case Western Reserve, Emory, JHU, and Columbia. Once I had those 4 acceptances, in my mind it was between Columbia and JHU. I ultimately decided on JHU because they were rated higher in Grad School, DNP, FNP (my track). That was what was important to me. We all have different reasons for our choices, but that was what mattered to me. Now, if Columbia had been cheaper and in a safer much safer area, than maybe I would have chosen that. I just feel like when someone says medicine you think JHU or Mass Gen or Duke. BTW, I didn't choose Duke because I had heard some very bad things about their online process and didn't have a good feeling about it. (again, this is all just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt). Good Luck!
  12. by   RiaC
    Thank you again!