Is anyone looking at IHS?

  1. Looking for information for anyone who's had clinical experience in an IHS clinic or to network with someone who has been looking, too. I'm seriously looking at this for an option in the future (1 year to go!). Thanks!
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  3. by   elkpark
    I don't have any personal experience, but, for what it's worth, an acquaintance of mine a number of years ago married a physician who was finishing her family practice residency and took a job at an IHS hospital out west to work off her Federal loans. She felt like she had a v. positive experience, and they ended up liking the area so much that they stayed after she finished her required time and were raising their family there the last I heard (I have lost touch with them).
  4. by   honeykrown
    I currently work with a tribal IHS as a nurse. We have NP's working in the clinics. They love it. Theres a lot of turn over right now although I heard my current hospital needs 2-5yrs experience before hire but with the way they are scrambling to find medical personnel, I think the person don't know what he's talking about. They have loan repayment for a two year commitment max of 20000 per year based on your loan. Most of these sites also have housing for their staff to stay. It's not a bad place to work at all although most of these sites are really isolated so I would recommend you visit before committing. I hope this info helps.