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Interview question for those who have been through it

  1. 1 I applied for the PNP/DNP program at University of Missouri (columbia). I got the call today for an interview!!!! I'm excited but worried. I know its not a gaurantee of acceptance, but what do you think the chances are of going through an interview and being accepted??? I'm not the greatest an interviewing, I don't respond well with off the wall questions. What types of things do they ask that I might be able to prepare for??? So nervous!!!!!
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    Practice some of the basic questions that are asked in every interview...
    1. Tell me about yourself.
    2. What made you interested in applying here?
    3. What would your co-workers say about you?
    4. Tell me about your greatest accomplishment, and a project that went terribly wrong.
    5. How did you react to the project that went terribly?
    6. Tell me about your best and worst qualities.
    7. What would you do if you had a student who was being ...
    ...and so on...

    Google "common questions during interviews" for more examples.
    You said you don't handle "off the wall"comments well -- if this is a teaching position (sounds like it is), I'm guessing you may get quite a few off the wall questions from students (?).

    Don't forget to smile, exchange pleasantries, and be confident.

    Good luck! Hope it goes well!
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    excellent questions! thanks!!!! not planning on teaching....for now anyways. just getting the DNP because of the new requirements. i would probably have gone for a DNP anyways though to further my career and open up news doors past being a PNP.
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    I just finished up with my interview. I felt very prepared and felt like I answered all of the questions with pretty good responses. But, I'm just worried I didn't say anything that would make me stand out over the other applicants. That was actually one of the questions, and I don't think I had a stellar answer. I felt very composed and articulate. I really did the best that I could have hoped for, I was imagining much worse. Decisions will be sent out mid April. Although I feel like I did well, I still don't feel confident that I will make it. :/
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    1. How would you handle differing culture values different from yours?
    2. Is this the only school you applied to?
    3. Why (name of school) when you completed your undergrad from (other school)?
    4. Why (PNP, AGNP, FNP, etc)?
    5. What do you plan to do with you degree after you finish?
    6. How do you learn best?
    7. Are you willing to travel to clinical sites far from where you reside?
    8. What would you do if somebody in a group project is not contributing work?
    9. What do you do if you felt you deserve a better grade because you worked hard on a paper?
    10. What would you do if you have other methods of treatment other than your preceptor? How are you going to approach that?
    11. What are your plans if you do not get into graduate school?
    12. How do you deal with conflict? Give an example.
    13. Is there a time when your values differ from your boss?
    14. How do you plan to finance your education?
    15. Describe your support system.
    16. How do you plan to contribute to (name of school)?
    17. Tell me about your nursing background.
    18. Tell me about yourself.
    19. What are your long-term goals? short-term?
    20. What are your strengths? weaknesses?
    There are more, these are all that I remembered. I wrote them all down immediately right after the interview.
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    Hi, I'm going to apply in May for the FNP for the PNP what type of nursing experience(years and departments) do you have?
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    Quote from creyes97
    Hi, I'm going to apply in May for the FNP for the PNP what type of nursing experience(years and departments) do you have?
    What? The FNP for PNP?
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    Haha haha PNP program