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Any go to University of Southern Indiana? I'm looking at their online PMHNP program, but it's fairly new and doesn't seem to have a lot of theory based courses necessary for mental health care. The... Read More

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    I finished the FNP track last fall and took all of these classes. There is nothing easy about the courses but they are all quite do-able. Just never get behind in your reading. I took two at a time until I started my clinical rotations the last year and did well. The hardest class I had, by far, was the research or advanced research class. Not because it was that hard but pleasing the professor was a pain. I really have a great deal of respect for the staff there. The primary FNP instructors - ******************** are wonderful and I can't say enough good things about them. The clinical instructors are sometimes hard to get in touch with and a bit slow to respond but otherwise I had/have no complaints
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    Can anyone tell me how many semesters the USI PMHNP program is when attending full-time? I can't find this info anywhere on the website.

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    Have you been accepted into the program or you are just researching the various programs.