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I got in!!!

  1. 6 For you Fall 2012 applicants, I got in to The University of Arizona's DNP/FNP program. Still waiting on decisions from UAB and USA.

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    Yay!!!!! Very exciting!!! Congrats!!!! Waiting for my interview this coming Friday with U of Missouri, keep your fingers crossed that I get the same news!!
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    Good for you Rachel! That's awesome. How long is the program?
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    Way to go!!!
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    Wishing you much success!
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    Tinabeanrn, It's 4 years.

    Thanks for all the congrats
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    TexeCuter, I'm unable to private message you back because I guess I don't have enough posts on this forum to access it? If you want to give me your email, I can message you back that way.
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    Anybody going to U of San Diego this fall?
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    I was accepted to DNP program at UAB and USA for fall 2012 entry, any advices/thoughts on which school I should go for? There seems to be a lot of posts about USA but not UAB. Thanks